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Can I rename my street or renumber the properties?

A street name is only changed or all of the properties in a street renumbered as a last resort when:

  • The name or the numbering is causing confusion for the emergency services or the Royal Mail.
  • The property addresses have names only and no numbers.
  • The sub-division or construction of properties in a street leads to a confused numbering scheme.

It is appreciated that changing a street name or renumbering all properties causes a great deal of inconvenience for residents and some temporary confusion for visitors and those making delivering to that street. The council is therefore reluctant to make changes without good reason.

The council will consider requests from residents for a change but only if the request has the support of the greater majority of the residents and is for a good reason.

Before making any changes we would consult all of the residents in order to seek their views. It is unlikely that the council would proceed unless at least two-thirds of the residents supported the change. The renaming of a street does involve a legal process that gives any resident who may object the right to appeal to a Magistrate Court.

The council may require residents requesting a change of street name to pay the Council's costs for the process.