Regeneration Strategy

In June 2018 East Staffordshire Borough Council and Staffordshire County Council commissioned consultative support in the production of a thought provoking Regeneration Strategy for Burton upon Trent.

The successful consultants, Cushman & Wakefield, assembled an experienced team that has worked together for many years in the Midlands. Based on their acknowledged regeneration experience, the work carried out has analysed future opportunities that will lead to the creation of positive social and financial benefits for Burton upon Trent.

Through this Strategy a series of focused, scalable, costed, short, medium and long-term interventions are developed and propose. These opportunities will be fundamental to changing the town’s relationship with the National Forest, the River and indeed the wider rural hinterland, and creating the right conditions for liveability and growth over the next 30 years to ensure “a Better, Brighter, Burton”.

Towns and Cities across the country are facing huge challenges and this strategy is another step in our Regeneration Programme to create a vibrant and attractive Burton which will have a unique place in the area’s economy and be well placed to adapt to the opportunities in the future.

The Strategy can be viewed and downloaded here.