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Station Street Project

About the Project

Station Street Now

Station Street lies in a west north-west to east south-east direction in the town centre. The current street scene consists of red & grey concrete block paving with bollards, litter bins, light columns and highway signage. The buildings are a mixture of architectural styles including early and late 20th Century, art deco and Georgian. Red brick predominates with some buildings exhibiting half-timbered work at top floor level.

Station Street - The Future

East Staffordshire Borough Council holds an aspiration to improve the public realm of the pedestrianised section of Station Street in Burton upon Trent.

Regeneration and public realm improvements are an economic driver in their own right but they can also encourage other economic activity. ESBC is committed to bringing forward a high quality scheme that will increase foot-fall and encourage a broader range of retail businesses to this part of the town centre. The project seeks to re-define Station Street as a place to shop, do business and visit and may act as a catalyst to future regeneration schemes in the town centre.

The Council intends to address the following:-

  1. Investigate a range of suitable alternatives for the paved surface and work with Amey Consulting to assess their viability in terms of design, ease and speed of installation, initial capital cost, sustainability and suitability and costs for future maintenance.
  2. Suggest appropriate ranges of street furniture which may include seating, planters, litter bins, bollards, signage / wayfinding.
  3. Provide for significant and robust street tree planting to reflect Burton upon Trent’s position as the ‘capital of the National Forest’.
  4. Assess the possibility of including other forms of soft landscaping which may include shrub or herbaceous planting and raised planters.
  5. Assess options for lighting in consultation with Staffordshire County Council, Amey Consulting and East Staffordshire Borough Council.
  6. Consider the link across Station Street between Burton Square and Cooper’s Square shopping centres.

The Design Scheme

This scheme adopts a more flowing form, in reference to the nearby River Trent. The vehicular route meanders gently up the street, with feature pebble shaped benches on either side. To reinforce the theme, pebble shaped planting beds straddle the street and help to break up the street. There is space for cafes and restaurants to put out seating.


In both schemes the pedestrian areas will be paved with a quality lightly textured concrete slab. The vehicular running surface, including the drop off bays, will be surfaced in a textured concrete set. Contrasting colours of setts and paving slabs will help define spaces and direct delivery vehicles safely through the space.

Planting Beds

The existing underground services are very shallow and to avoid the high cost of service diversions, it is proposed to create raised planters. A textured concrete kerb will be used around the perimeter of the beds. Inside the kerb edging, a metal edging sheet will protrude above the kerb by about 30cm, which will enable a topsoil depth of about 45cm to be created.


In a recent survey, Burton on Trent was identified as having one of the lowest tree densities of any town in the country. From the outset, the scheme has been designed to dramatically increase the number of Street trees and reflect the National Forest location. The final number and location of the trees is dependent on the underground services. An underground scanning survey is proposed and this will enable the final tree positions to be confirmed accurately.

Project Management Team
Programmes and Transformation Team - 01283 508272 – Regeneration and Planning Policy Portfolio