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Business rate exemptions and reliefs

Coronavirus: Advice for Businesses

For details on the Small Business Grant and the Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Grant please see our business rates relief page

For an overview of what support and grants are available to business, including details of business rate reliefs, please see our  Coronavirus advice page.

The Council has issued more information on those businesses which must close and guidance for those who need to make planning alterations or have licensing queries.

Coronavirus support and advice

Exempt properties

Certain types of property are exempt from the payment of business rates. This means that no business rates are charged for them.

See what properties are exempt from business rates

Empty properties

All non-domestic properties, except certain qualifying industrial properties, which are empty and unused are exempt from payment of business rates for a continuous period of three months from the date on which they first became empty.

Empty properties that are exempt from business rates

Business rate relief

Certain businesses and organisations qualify for business rate relief. Organisations that are suffering severe hardship may also qualify.

Organisations that qualify for business rate relief

Business rate relief policy

The policy for the granting of mandatory and discretionary rate relief has been revised with effect from 1st April 2020.