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Business rates reminder

Coronavirus: Advice for Businesses

For details on the Small Business Grant and the Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Grant please see our business rates relief page. The next phases of the Local Authority Discretionary Grant Fund launched on Wednesday 24th June.

For an overview of what support and grants are available to business, including details of business rate reliefs, please see our  Coronavirus advice page.

The Council has issued more information on those businesses which must close and guidance for those who need to make planning alterations or have licensing queries.

Coronavirus support and advice

If we have not received your monthly instalment on or before the payment dates as stated on your bill, we will send you a reminder. The reminder will ask for payment within a further seven days.

Payment must reach us within that 7 days.

You will only get one reminder of late payment in any financial year.

If you pay that reminder on time, but then don’t pay on time in any of the remaining months, we will cancel your right to pay by monthly Instalments, and send you a final notice requesting the remaining balance for the year is paid within a seven day period.

What will happen if I do not pay the reminder within the stated time?

We will cancel your right to pay monthly, the remaining balance for the year will be payable immediately, and if you do not pay that balance within a certain time, a summons notice will be issued.

What if I have an outstanding appeal against valuation?

Payments should still be made in accordance with your instalment schedule.

I have a query regarding liability/change of circumstances

Please contact the business rates section immediately on one of the numbers below or call in to one of our Customer Services Centres at the Market Place, Burton upon Trent; or the Library, Uttoxeter.

I am unable to pay the amount requested in the reminder

We may be able to consider a repayment agreement subject to court action and financial status. Please contact us on one of the numbers below or call in to one of our Customer Services Centres at the Market Place, Burton upon Trent; or the Library, Uttoxeter.

How and where do I pay?

Please see the ways to pay business rates page for further information on the range of payment methods available.