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    <p>The paper petition title, as received, is “The Towns Fund bid plan to move Burton Library from its present position to the Market Hall.&nbsp; As part of the Towns Fund bid £7.3m of the £22.8m bid has been allocated for this move.&nbsp; £1.54m was spent on renovating the Market Hall in 2014, which now seems a complete waste of taxpayers money.&nbsp; There was a lack of public consultation in 2009 and 2012 regarding the renovation scheme from ESBC.&nbsp; We don’t know how the library will be located within the Market hall, but existing Traders would certainly be asked to leave.&nbsp;&nbsp; £7.3million seems an extortionate amount of money for this, when the current library location is perfectly fine.&nbsp; Holding a small café within, seating outside overlooking the river and a great playground for the children to play on.&nbsp; Plus the idea in the £1.54million to renovate the Market Hall was to make it a Live music venue which “Love Burton” have many events lined up for”;</p>

    <p>The online petition title, as received, is “Save our Library and Market Hall and stop our library being demolished! (Burton on Trent) “ &nbsp;</p>

    <p>The combined total of valid signatures (electronically and in paper format) is 2317.</p>

    <p>The petition was reported to the Council meeting held on Monday 26th July 2021.</p>
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