Insect nuisance

The vast majority of insect species do not cause a nuisance and are essential in maintaining ecosystems. However, there are some insect species that can cause a nuisance in sufficient quantities or seasonably.

Insects emanating from any business premise have the potential to cause a statutory nuisance or be prejudicial to health.

Likely sources of insect nuisance:

  • Poultry houses/farm buildings
  • Sewage treatment works
  • Manure/silage stores
  • Animal housing
  • Landfill sites/refuse tips
  • Waste transfer premises
  • Commercial, trade or business premises e.g. kitchen areas
  • Slaughter houses
  • Used car tyre recycling businesses/scrap yards

There are however certain premises that are excluded from this new legislation:

  • Land used as arable, grazing, meadow or pasture land
  • Land used as osier land, reed beds or woodland
  • Land used for market gardens, nursery grounds or orchards
  • Land forming part of an agricultural unit (but not covered by (a) to (c) and which is of a description specified in regulations
  • Land included in a site of special scientific interest

What is our complaint procedure?

Download the Insect flowchart for details of our complaint procedure.

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Having read the complaint leaflet above, if you feel the problem has the potential to cause a Statutory Nuisance, please complete the complaint form or contact the Pollution Team.

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