Where can I dispose my waste


Waste produced as a result of business activity is classed as controlled waste. You are therefore legally responsible for making sure that it is disposed of correctly. For further information on what to do with your waste visit https://www.gov.uk/browse/business/waste-environment. This site has specific guidance on what to do with your waste based on the type of business your run.

If you pay for a trade waste collection make sure that your waste is collected by a registered Waste Carrier. To check whether a company is registered check the Environment Agency’s Public Registers.


If you are having a new kitchen or bathroom put in take a moment to think about how you are going to dispose of the waste before you get started. Hire a skip (see local telephone directory or search the internet). Alternatively take your waste to the tip and recycling centre.

If you are having alterations or improvements made to your house by a company make sure they are disposing of the waste correctly. By law householders are now responsible for checking that contractors are correctly disposing of waste. Ask to see a waste transfer certificate/license. Check the company is registered on the Environment Agency’s Public Register.

REMEMBER: If you are a householder, you are required to take reasonable steps to check that people removing waste from your premises are authorised to do so.