Advice and support available to East Staffordshire businesses

East Staffordshire Borough Council would like to remind new and existing businesses that they can access business support through the Council.

Whether a business is looking to relocate into the area or wishes to find out more about local grant schemes that may be available, the Council’s Enterprise team can help. 

The Council can also help businesses complete application forms should they wish to apply for a grant scheme – something which can be daunting to some.

Councillor Patricia Ackroyd, Deputy Leader for Enterprise, said: “The Council has a dedicated team who can direct businesses to organisations who can provide advice and support and point them in the direction of grant schemes.

“The Council is determined to do everything it can to help stimulate the economy, create growth and jobs and help new and existing businesses in the borough.”

If you want to find out more contact Kelly Kerr-Delworth, Business Relations Officer at

2017-09-06 00:00:00