Designation of Selective Licensing

East Staffordshire Borough Council has approved plans to introduce a selective licensing scheme focussed on a small area within the Anglesey ward, covering approximately 270 private rented homes, following a public consultation on the proposed plans. The selective licensing scheme aims to improve management standards and conditions of private rented housing.

Following the designation, all landlords or management agents will be required to licence their properties if they rent a property within the designated selective licensing area in the eastern area of Anglesey ward. Full details of the scheme and the consultation response is available at

Councillor Greg Hall, Deputy Leader for Regulatory Services said: “Selective licensing is designed to help improve housing standards in an area where there are a lot of private landlords and a high rate of poor quality and poorly managed properties.

“Following the consultation East Staffordshire Borough Council have considered all responses and have formulated an appropriate fee structure for the licence. Additional discounts have been incorporated resulting in a lowered fee of £300 for a 5 year licence for landlords that are a member of an accreditation scheme and who apply within the 6 week introductory period”.

Further discounts are available for landlords that let multiple properties in the area. Full details of the fees are available at

The designation will come into force on 12 September 2017 and will have effect until 11 September 2022.

The designation applies to any residential property, which is let or occupied under a tenancy or licence within the areas listed below unless one of the exemptions specified in the Housing Act 2004 applies. 

Included Streets:

All Saints Croft, Bailey Street,  Blackpool Street, Branston Road, Broadway Street, King Street, Queen Street, Rose Cottage Gardens, Trent Street, Watson Street, Wood Street.

Included Postcodes:

DE14 3AB, DE14 3AE, DE14 3AF, DE14 3AG, DE14 3AH, DE14 3AL, DE14 3AN, DE14 3AP, DE14 3AQ, DE14 3AR, DE14 3AS, DE14 3AT, DE14 3AW, DE14 3BB, DE14 3BS, DE14 3BT, DE14 3BY, DE14 3EA, DE14 3GP, DE14 3LR, DE14 3NB, DE14 3TW

Licensing privately rented properties includes mandatory conditions to ensure good management of private rented properties, including:

•                      An up to date gas safety certificate

•                      Safe condition of electrical appliances

•                      Fitted smoke detectors in a working condition

•                      Providing the tenant with a written tenancy agreement

•                      The request for a reference for prospective tenants

•                      Additional conditions are also specified by East Staffordshire Borough Council to improve specific issues

A landlord must apply for a licence if they rent a property in the designated area, an unlimited fine can be imposed if they don’t. A management order may also be made for the property and application may be made for a rent repayment order requiring the repayment of rent or housing benefit.

All landlords, managing agents and tenants within the designated area are advised to seek advice from East Staffordshire Borough Council’s Environmental Health Team to determine whether their property is affected by the designation. Further details on how and when to apply are available at

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