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Landlords Fined for Breach of Prohibition Order

Two landlords have been ordered to pay a total of £5,280.76 following a prosecution brought by East Staffordshire Borough Council after breaching the requirements of a prohibition order, served by the Environmental Health Team for serious disrepair at a residential flat in Stapenhill.

Brian Kite (67) and Beryl Kite (69) of Mill Hill Lane and Pickerings Avenue both pleaded guilty at North Staffordshire Justice Centre to committing Housing Act 2004 offences for allowing their tenant to remain in the flat known as 69b Main Street, Stapenhill, Burton upon Trent after Environmental Health had served a closure order on it.

The tenant complained to the council in 2017 and following an inspection carried out soon after, Environmental Health Officers found the property had no working heating, hot water, smoke detection and broken windows were found to be boarded over. 

Although some repairs were carried out initially by the Kites, not enough had been achieved to allow the tenant to remain in the property on a long term basis.

Having already provided the Kites suitable time to either renovate the flat, carrying out essential repairs or to evict the tenant in order to safeguard their health and safety, Environmental Health served them both a prohibition order.  The order required the property to remain empty until all disrepair had been remedied. 

However, the Kites failed to comply with the prohibition order as they continued to allow the tenant to reside at the property and failed to carry out suitable repairs as advised by the Environmental Health Team.

Brian Kite was fined £256 and ordered to also pay £2,378.88 in costs and a victim surcharge of £30.

Beryl Kite was fined £207 and ordered to also pay £2,378.88 in costs and a victim surcharge of £30.

The Kites stated in court the building is due to be sold and demolished. They also declared that they will never rent out another property again.

Councillor Bernard Peters, Deputy Leader for Regulatory Services and Community Support said: East Staffordshire Borough Council Environmental Health team will not tolerate landlords who rent sub-standard properties to tenants and are working hard to ensure they either improve the conditions of their properties or face the consequences.

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