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Relationship difficulties

Relationship breakdown is one of the biggest causes of homelessness but it can be very hard to find somewhere else to live so think about the pros and cons before giving up on a relationship.

If you and your partner are having difficulties, here are some ideas:

  • Ask a minister of religion or other religious leader to help mediate between you and your partner
  • Get some relationship counselling. Relationship charity Relate has bases in Burton and Uttoxeter
  • Look for relationship advice online from reputable sites
  • Find a book from the library to help the two of you talk about the problems

If you separate, will either of you be able to afford your current home without help from the other?

If you will need to claim Housing Benefit, you will only be entitled to bedrooms for children you get child benefit for, not for children to come to stay under access arrangements.

If you decide to separate, try and give yourself time to plan and find a new home.

If you are an owner or tenant of the home (on your own or jointly with your partner) or if you and your partner are married or civil partners, then you have the right to stay in the home. Do not give up this right without getting expert advice. See advice from housing charity Shelter. For legal advice call DHA on 01332 287 850 or the Civil Legal Advice Helpline on 0845 345 4345.

All this said, you do not have to settle for a violent relationship. Get help: see Domestic Violence