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Grass cuttings and maintenance

The council's ground maintenance is carried out by The Landscape Group. The council carry out two types of grass cutting:

  • Open Spaces
  • Highways grass cutting on behalf of Staffordshire County Council

A grass cutting schedule is set out every year starting from mid March to the end of October.

Open spaces (parks and play areas)

The Open Space grass cutting is scheduled for 10 times per year and are approximately 3 weeks between each grass cut. Open spaces consist of small parks with play areas to large areas like the Washlands in Burton.

Highways grass cutting

Staffordshire County Council schedule in 8 grass cuts per year for their highways with approximately 6 weeks between each grass cut.

Highways is described as an area of grass where there is a defined footpath at the back or in some cases a grassy area in front of housing and some rural verges too.

If you require further information, the Open Spaces team will be happy to help with any queries

The council also has to consider adverse weather conditions and occasionally the mowing may be stopped for health and safety reasons. The mowing is usually resumed within a few days when the weather improves.

The council ensures that a high standard of work is carried out on all our open spaces and these are monitored on frequent inspections by the Open Spaces team.

Litter Picking and Bin Emptying

The majority of Council parks and open space, with the exception of the parks and open spaces adjacent to Burton town centre and Stapenhill Washlands (which are done five days a week), are litter picked either once or twice a week with bins emptied weekly. A small number of open spaces with less footfall also have a litter pick each accounting period (13 times per year) whilst others receive an annual one in winter. The link below sets out the exact day each open space is litter picked and the bins emptied. The table below sets out the exact day each open space is litter picked and the bins emptied.