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Environment evidence base documents

Coronavirus: Planning

The Planning and Local Land Charges department are currently working off site. The preferred method of contact is via email at dcsupport@eaststaffsbc.gov.uk.

The Council has issued more information on those businesses which must close. For businesses that wish to amend their service so that they can continue to trade, for example a restaurant may wish to offer takeaway or food delivery, they will need to email planning to let us know their intentions and ensure that they comply with their premises licence conditions.

Other ESBC services affected by Coronavirus

Design Guide SPD

Design Guide SPD 2008 & Appendices

Design Guide Adoption Statement

Green Infrastructure Study

East Staffordshire GI Study Update October 2013
East Staffordshire GI Study
Fig 5.1 Regional Character Areas
Fig 5.2 Land Description units
Fig 5.3 Landscape policy Objective Zones
Fig 5.4 Designated Sites
Fig 5.5 BAPs Habitat and Species
Fig 5.6 Woodland
Fig 5.7 Woodland Opportunity
Fig 5.8 Historic Environment
Fig 5.9 East Staffs Historic Landscape
Fig 5.10 Burton Historic Landscape
Fig 5.11 Uttoxeter Historic Landscape
Fig 5.12 River Catchments and FloodZones
Fig 5.13 Recreation and Tourism
Fig 5.14 Access and Movement
Fig 6.1 East Staffs Summary GI Resources
Fig 6.2 Burton Summary GI Resources
Fig 6.3 Uttoxeter Summary GI Resources
Fig 6.4 East Staffs Existing GI Network
Fig 6.5 Burton Existing GI Network
Fig 6.6 Uttoxeter Existing GI Network
Fig 8.1 Burton Accessible Natural Greenspace Assessment
Fig 8.2 Uttoxeter Accessible Natural Greenspace Assessment
Fig 8.4 GI Network Needs
Fig 8.3 East Staffs Recreational Greenspace
Fig 9.1 GI Opportunities
Fig 10.1 GI Vision

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

East Staffordshire Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Update
Level 1 Report
Level 1 App B Historical Flooding Records
Level 1 Index
Level 1 Alton
Level 1 Barton-under-Needwood
Level 1 Burton upon Trent
Level 1 Church Leigh
Level 1 Kingstone
Level 1 Rocester
Level 1 Rolleston on Dove
Level 1 Rugeley
Level 1 Tutbury
Level 1 Uttoxeter
Level 2 Index
Level 2 Appendix B Burton Flood Defences
Level 2 Appendix D Guidance Dealing with Surface Water
Level 2 Appendix D Guidance Emergency Planning
Level 2 Appendix D Guidance ExceptionTest
Level 2 Appendix D Guidance FRA Procedure
Level 2 Appendix D Guidance FRA Review

Water Cycle Study

Water Cycle Study 2013

River Catchment Management Plan

Environment Agency River Trent Catchment Flood Management Plan Summary Report 2010

Planning for Landscape Change (SPD)

Introduction and User’s Guide (Volume 1)
Supporting Documentation (Volume 2)
Landscape Descriptions (Volume 3)
Maps and Plans (Appendix 1)
Preferred areas for Woodland Initiatives (Appendix 2)

East Staffs Biodiversity Mapping

East Staffs Biodiversity Opportunity Mapping

Habitat Regulations Assessment

Final HRA report October 2013
Final HRA Appendices October 2013

Staffordshire County Wide Renewable Low Carbon Energy Study

Staffordshire County Wide Renewable Low Carbon Energy Study 2010

Strategic Green Gaps Topic Paper

Strategic Green Gaps Topic Paper - September 2013