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Swim for a Quid

Junior swimmers in East Staffordshire are being given the chance to 'swim for a quid' by purchasing a junior 10 multi swim card at the discounted price of £10 or junior 20 multi swim card for £20. Once purchased, cards are valid in all public swimming sessions and can be purchased at either Meadowside or Uttoxeter Leisure Centre.

Swim cards may be used during School Holidays

What's the Deal?

The usual cost of a junior 10 multi swim card is £20.40 and a junior 20 multi swim card is £38.25.

Offer prices are only available on full price junior 10 or 20 multi swim cards, junior 30 multi swim cards and leisure pass discounts are not included in this offer.

Cards can be purchased from either Uttoxeter or Meadowside Leisure Centres from Tuesday 8th May until Thursday 31st May.

A maximum of one purchase per individual can be made during this period.

For security purposes, your photograph will be taken when your card is issued. The photograph is used for identifying the card holder prior to granting access to the facilities.

Your multi ticket card will be swiped each time you visit the Leisure Centre. 

East Staffordshire Borough Council reserves the right to make changes to timetables and programmed activities.

All users of the Leisure Centre facilities do so at their own risk and the Centre will accept no responsibility for any illness or injury however caused, other than liability that may arise from negligence of the Leisure Centre or its Staff. The Leisure Centre’s liability for damage or loss of property is strictly limited to any damage or loss suffered as a result of negligence of the Leisure Centre staff.

By signing the application form you are agreeing to observe the rules relating to Meadowside Leisure Centre and Uttoxeter Leisure Centre and abide by these and any other Centre rules and guidelines. Copies of these terms will be posted on notice boards and web pages. It is your responsibility to be aware of the rules.

A charge may be made for lost or damaged cards

Conditions of Use

Purchased swims may be used at any advertised public swimming session, this includes use during existing or future ‘reduced price’ sessions, however, if the admission charge to such a session is less than the unit cost paid in advance, the holder will not be entitled to a refund.

Swims are not transferable and no refunds can be issued, unless agreed by a member of the management team.

Entry at either leisure centre is subject to general adminssion guidelines and swimming pool under 8's policy.

For more information on admission policies and swimming pool times visit,

 Uttoxeter Leisure Centre

Meadowside Leisure Centre