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H/C apply for driver licence

On 28th February 2022 a meeting of Full Council approved the following amendment to the emissions section of the Private Hire and Hackney Carriage Policy. 

This Council extend the introduction of the emission date from 1st April 2022 to 1st October 2022 and amends the Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Policy 2019-22 accordingly.

Any vehicles that are coming to end of life (7 years for private hire vehicle and 10 years for hackney carriage vehicle) will come off the road, in line with the end of life age limit, before the 1st October 2022.

The cost of renewal will be £69, details will be sent out to those drivers affected in due course.


For the safety and protection of the public to drive a Hackney Carriage vehicle in the East Staffordshire Borough Council area you must hold a valid Hackney Carriage or Combined Drivers Licence issued by us.

An English Language Oral Skills Assessment will be carried out at a cost of £28.99 prior to submission of your application.



Application form & guidance notes

Apply for a combined driver's licence

Please note that if you wish to apply for combined driver's licence you will need to download all of the above documents as well as Appendix F - Conditions of Private Hire Driver's Licence.

English Test

To demonstrate adequate English language skills you will be required to undertake and pass an English Language Oral Skills Assessment prior to submitting you’re application.

Guidance Notes – Oral Assessment.

Attachments required

  • DBS disclosure application form
  • current DVLA Driving Licence (original, not a copy), both the paper and photocard parts
  • original EEA passport; or original British birth certificate and evidence of National Insurance number (P45, P60 NI card)
  • one recent utility bill stating your name and address less than 3 months old (gas, electric, bank or credit card statement)
  • a medical report completed by your own doctor.


To qualify as a driver you must:

  • have held a British DVLA licence for at least 12 months
  • Non UK Applicants - all applicants for a taxi licence are required to provide documentary evidence confirming their right to remain and work in the UK.  EU citizens must apply to the EU Settlement Scheme to enable them to continue working in the UK.
  • have no relevant convictions or been determined by the General Licensing Sub Committee to be a fit and proper person
  • When an application is made to the licensing authority for the grant of a new or renewal of a private hire or hackney carriage driver's licence, the licensing authority will check the NR3 (Natoinal Anti-Fraud Network Register of Taxi Licence Refusuals and Revocations).
  • multiple motoring convictions on a driving licence will require the application to be determined by the Licensing Committee (the licensing authority will have regard to guidelines on relevance of convictions document).
  • be medically fit
  • pass a skills assessment with DVSA
  • pass a knowledge and conditions test

Validity & renewals

3 years


Please contact Taxi Licensing in the first instance.



Renew your hackney carriage licence

Go to HC/PH renew your driver licence to renew your hackney carriage licence.