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Changes to bin collection routes

Coronavirus: Waste

To help protect our bin crews and maintain waste collection services here in East Staffordshire, please follow the guidance issued by Government if you are self-isolating or displaying symptoms of coronavirus.

Other ESBC services affected by Coronavirus

The Council is making some vital changes to its waste collection routes which will effect some of our households.  These changes will ensure that the service can remain both reliable and cost-effective and that the refuse vehicles follow the most efficient routes.  Ii is important that you read the information below and are ready for these changes.

Why are the collection days changing?

In recent years, housing growth across the Borough has placed an increasing pressure on East Staffordshire Borough Council’s waste collection service. To address this and to ensure that we continue to make the best use of our resources, the Council has carried out a comprehensive review of its waste collection routes. This will mean that from March 2018 the collection vehicles will be following new routes and that some residents will experience a change to their collection day.

How will I know what day my collection will now be?

All residents will be issued with a new Collection Calendar in February 2018. The calendars will be delivered through each household letter box and residents will be asked to keep these safe for future reference. These calendars are important as they will indicate which day households should present their bins for collection. The changes will not come into effect until March 2018. Further copies of these calendars will also be available on the Council’s web site at www.eaststaffsbc.gov.uk from March.

Are the frequencies changing?

No, collection frequencies are not affected. The majority of households will still have their residual waste (grey bin) collected one week and their garden waste (brown bin), dry recycling (blue bin) and paper (blue bag) collected the following week.

Are you changing what goes into the bins?

No everything will remain the same, it is just the collection day that will be changing.

What if my bin does not get collected on the new day?

If you do not receive a collection on your new collection day please contact Customer Services on 0800 269098 or email environment@eaststaffsbc.gov.uk so that this can be looked into and rectified.

What if the crossover to the new collection day means that my collection type will swap?

Following the introduction of the revised collection days, we will be collecting side waste with both the grey bins and the blue bins between 5th March and 16th March.

For the grey bins, you may present up to 3 additional standard black bags of waste.  For the blue recycling bins, you may also present up to 3 additional bags provided that the material is presented in a clear plastic bag or cardboard box so that the crew can see that it is recycling. Recycling material presented in black bags will not be collected.