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Burton Town Regeneration Programme

Station Street Regeneration Project

East Staffordshire Borough Council and Staffordshire County Council are moving forward with ambitious plans to significantly regenerate the pedestrianised area of Station Street in Burton town centre.

The Councils are in a position to confirm the commissioning of Amey Plc and Fira Landscape Architecture and Urban Design to begin preliminary exploration and create draft designs for the future landscape of Station Street.

The project will include the immediate uplift in the attractiveness of spaces for pedestrians in the town centre, including the installation of new paving and public realm infrastructure which will be installed to create a more modern, welcoming, safe and appropriate identity for the town centre while improving the town centre resident and visitor experience.

Cllr Mrs Julia Jessel, Deputy Leader for Regeneration said: “I am thrilled to be able to announce these plans to the people and businesses of Burton. This fantastic project is something Burton deserves and has needed for a long time. We have been working very hard with partners, including the Chamber of Commerce, to get this project off the ground.  We want to provide an area in the town centre which can be enjoyed by all and provide the right environment to encourage businesses and property owners to invest in the town.

Moving forward with the project, we need the help and support of residents and local businesses to ensure the final design is right for the town and that, in the future, it continues to look as good as it does when it is first installed ”.

Staffordshire County Council’s Economic Growth Leader Mark Winnington said: “Town centre regeneration is an important part of ensuring the County’s economy continues to grow. We have been working with East Staffs Borough Council to make Burton town centre vibrant so that it continues to attract visitors and businesses.

“We are pleased that this partnership is starting to bear fruit. This ambitious project highlights the importance of Burton as a growth area in Staffordshire and the councils’ commitment to improving the town as a place for residents and visitors to live, work and socialise.”

The Burton Town Regeneration Programme was launched in February 2017 and is focussed on improving the appeal of Burton to residents, visitors and businesses. Projects already started include the improvements to the Town’s Memorial, Remembrance and Abbot’s Gardens, adaptions to the flow of traffic on Cooper’s Square car park and retiming of traffic lights to reduce congestion on Union Street, the installation of new contactless car parking payment machines on three of its main car parks and repairs to artwork situated in and around Burton.

Town Centre Projects

Phase 1a of the programme is made up of defined projects that are currently in the early stages of development. Each of these projects will be managed by the relevant Council team and portfolio holder at both ESBC and SCC and will be completed as per the existing in-house project management methodology and line management approach. The individual projects include:

  • Improvements to Andressey Passage, in terms of safety and security
  • The improvement of areas of the Memorial, Remembrance and Abbott’s Gardens and the greening of town centre.
  • Improvements to current, and the commissioning of new, public works of art
  • Improvements to the Washlands to create a more aesthetically appealing, safe and interesting attraction for residents and tourists.
  • Improvements to the interior and exterior of Burton’s Railway Station
  • Changes to the traffic flow of Coopers Square Car Park to help reduce the backlog of traffic onto Union Street.
  • Changes to the timing of the traffic lights on Union Street (outside the entrance to the Cooper’s Square and Sainsbury’s Car Parks) to improve traffic flow and further reduce congestion.
  • Manor Croft – Reviewing the layout, number of parking bays, signage and length of stay.
  • New Street – Considering the implementation of a Permanent Traffic Regulation Order.
Burton Town CentreWashlandsBurton Railway StationMarket Place and Memorial GardensAndressey PassageStation Street
  • Washlands

    The project looks at making improvements to the Washlands in order to create a more aesthetically appealing, safe and interesting attraction for residents and tourists.

Burton Railway Station

This project will involve working with partners to bring about improvements to Burton Railway Station and will run parallel to the forthcoming forecourt improvement works.

Memorial Gardens

This project looks at how the town centre could be more ‘green’ through the introduction of more grassed areas, floral displays and all year hanging baskets.

The purpose is to improve the appeal of the town and better link together some of the key areas, such as Station Street, Market Place and the Washlands.

Andressey Passage

This project focuses on areas of the town centre which are to be assessed in terms of any safety or security issues they may present.

Station Street

The project will consider how Station Street could be more aesthetically appealing and interesting for residents and shoppers.

Making improvements to the Washlands in order to create a more aesthetically appealing, safe and interesting attraction for residents and tourists.

This project involves working with partners to bring about aesthetically pleasing improvements to Burton Train Station.

East Staffordshire Borough Council holds an aspiration to improve the public realm of the pedestrianised section of Station Street in Burton upon Trent.

The Burton upon Trent Regeneration Strategy has been created in partnership between East Staffordshire Borough Council and Staffordshire County Council.

Railway Station Forecourt, Borough Road, Burton upon Trent