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Burton upon Trent - Towns Fund - Project D

In 2019, Burton upon Trent was one of 100 places invited to bid for funding of up to £25m from the Government's Towns Fund scheme.

Following a bid made to Government through the Burton Town Investment Plan, Goverment approved an allocation of £22.8m for seven proposals, with an aim of 'levelling up' the town and delivering a resilient, better, brighter Burton. These proposals are now being developed, with help from local people and organisations, in order to inform the development of a business case for each proposal before any final decisions are made.

The purpose of Project D is to look at how to regenerate the riverside area between High Street and the Washlands, running from the Market Place up to the Burton Bridge (Trent Bridge), creating new and exciting ways for people to enjoy this area and looking to improve the linkages between the riverside and the town centre. This is up to the area protected by the flood defences and so does not include any development of the Washlands itself. This area is set out by the red line plan below.

The other areas on this map are as follows:

  • The orange shaded area is the proposed Bargates development, which currently has an active planning application;
  • The blue shaded area is the Meadowside Leisure Centre, which is outside of the scope of this project;
  • The green shaded area is the Washlands Enhancement Project, which will begin later in 2021 (http://www.eaststaffsbc.gov.uk/washlands-project)
  • The dark blue dotted line indicates the improved flood defences along the Washlands

You'll see on this map that the area currently includes the Burton Library building. You may already be aware that there is a plan to move the library into the Market Hall (Project E), which is currently out to public consultation (https://www.staffordshire.gov.uk/Libraries/Burton-Library-consultation/O...). If the proposal to relocate the library goes ahead, Project D will explore options for regenerating the area it currently occupies. If the proposal does not go ahead, it will not be included within Project D.

Although the Burton Towns Fund Programme is being managed through the Town Deal Board partnership, East Staffordshire Borough Council is the accountable body for the Towns Fund. The Borough Council is also the sponsor for one of the projects, Project D, while the other 6 are being led by partner organisations. In order to enable the Council to both manage the development of this project and be responsible for the overall programme, it has created an 'ethical wall' between the two, meaning that the people working on Project D are not the same people involved in the overall programme.

There are also two project leads from the Town Deal Board who act as the main liaison between the project and the Board, these are Valerie Burton and Ben Robinson.

We also created a Sounding Board of 15 residents helped the Council to co-design the survey methodology for Stages 1 and 2 of this project. The purpose of that group was to provide feedback on the proposed surveys before they were launched to the public. The Sounding Board had no role in the creation of plans and proposals, the role of the Sounding Board was purely to provide feedback to the Council on the survey approach.

What is Project D?

Project D, also known as the High Street Linkages project, is primarily a 'property intervention project' whereby the Council will look at how it can regenerate and transform around 16 acres of land between the High Street and the Washlands in such a way that the protected riverside area is better integrated with the town centre. As a property intervention project, it will likely involve the purchase of property, demolition of property, and development of property, such as creating facilities for leisure, hospitality, eating, or housing.

Through the Towns Fund bid, the project has been allocated up to £2,743,450 from an initial bid of £3m. This was reduced along with all of the other Towns Fund proposals as the allocation of funding was slightly less than the total amount that was bid for.

At the moment, this project is the least developed and there are no agreed proposals from the Council, the Town Deal Board, or any developers for this project. This is an intentional decision because we need your help!

We want to hear your ideas for how we can transform this part of Burton into a popular destination for local people and tourists. We appreciate that the allocation of funding isn't going to deliver everything, but it's a starting point, and we will be looking at bringing in other investment in the future. At this stage, no idea is too small or too big, we want to hear any and all ideas for how this area could be used by day and by night.

Open the section below titled 'How can I get involved?' to find out more.

How can I get involved?

There will be 3 stages of consultation on this project between now and the finalisation of the business case. Each stage will run for 4 weeks, totalling a 12 week consultation period overall.

Stage 1

An initial 'Call for Ideas' survey through which people will be asked to propose the types of development uses and enhancements that they would like to see for Project D. This will inform the initial scoping of ideas and proposals for the Stage 2 consultation. This consultation was open for 5 weeks in total.

Stage 2

Following a review of the responses to the call for ideas survey, the Council will work with its Project D Sounding Board to agree the scope of the Stage 2 consultation survey, both in terms of methodology and content. This consultation opened early in October 2021.

Stage 3

Once the shortlist of options has been established, the findings will be worked into a final proposal for the site. This will identify proposed uses and will focus on asking people for their views on the proposed scheme for the business case. This consultation opened on Monday 13th December 2021.

The business case for the project won't be finalised until after the completion of all consultation exercises.

Stage 1 Consultation - Call for Ideas

The Stage 1 Consultation has now closed.

This is the first stage of consultation and aims to identify the types of uses that people want to see on a riverside development through asking an open question about types of leisure and tourism uses, food and drink uses, residential uses, commercial uses, and anything else.

To help with responding to this survey, we've made some suggestions on the survey that you can pick from. Alternatively, there are blank text boxes on some of the questions so that you can offer any other ideas for consideration.

We appreciate that some people might not want to see certain types of uses on this land, for example: you might not want any commercial uses on this site, however some of this will depend upon what is economically viable in the market when this project is implemented. As such, the questions are designed so that you have to give an answer for each category. With that in mind, if there's a use that you really don't want, such as residential, we'd like you to think about if you HAD to have some of that use on the site, which type would you be most comfortable with?

Stage 2 Consultation

The Stage 2 consultation has now closed.

The consultation opened on Tuesday 5th October and closed on Tuesday 2nd November, running for a period of four weeks.

Stage 3 Consultation

The Stage 3 proposal consultation has now closed.

The consultation opened on Monday 13th December and closed on Monday 10th January 2022, running for a period of four weeks.