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Public Space Protection Order Consultation

The Council is carrying out a public consultation exercise to determine the views of the general public and other interested parties regarding Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO).

The existing PSPOs regarding the consumption of alcohol within the designated areas in the borough of East Staffordshire and the dog control orders are both required to be renewed before they expire in October 2019.

The legislation states that the maximum time a PSPO can be implemented for is three years, before requiring a formal review. There are no restrictions on the number of times the PSPO can be reviewed and re-implemented.

In addition, East Staffordshire Borough Council can consider introducing new PSPOs, varying the existing PSPOs by increasing or reducing the restricted area, altering or removing a prohibition or requirement included in the order, or discharging any existing ones where they are no longer required. 

Find out more information on the existing alcohol and dog control order PSPOs.

Let us know your views by emailing pspo@eaststaffsbc.gov.uk.

PSPOs can be challenged under the Act. Challenges must be made to the High Court within 6 weeks of the Order being made and by an individual who lives in, regularly works in or visits the restricted area.

The High Court can uphold, quash or vary the PSPO and may decide to suspend the operation of the PSPO pending the verdict. As with all orders and powers, the making of a PSPO can be challenged by judicial review on public law grounds within 3 months of the decision or action subject to challenge.