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How will payments be made?

Direct Debit Payers

Payments will be made to the bank accounts of liable council tax payers that pay their council tax by Direct Debit from their own bank account. If Direct Debit payments made from a third party bank account we may need to write to the liable council tax payer for further details or provide an alternative means for issuing the rebate payment.

Please note that the Government requires the Council to undertake prepayment verification of bank accounts which may delay the rebate being paid in some cases.

Non-Direct Debit Payers

The Council is currently exploring ways to make rebate payments to customers who do not currently pay via direct debit.  Further details will be published shortly. However, the quickest way to obtain your Energy Rebate payment is set up a Direct Debit instruction to pay your Council Tax automatically.

We will be able to issue your rebate payment sooner and you’ll also be paying your Council Tax instalments on time each month.