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Council tax liability order

If a court has made a liability order against you, we can take enforcement action to recover the debt.

The liability order list is referred to the council’s bailiff provider (Jacobs) after each court hearing, and a letter is issued to confirm this action. Suitable payment arrangements can be made with the bailiff company within 14 days of this letter without attracting further costs, but must be maintained to avoid further action.

Where the outstanding balance, including costs, is not paid in full or where no (or unsatisfactory) contact is made with the bailiff company within the 14 days referred to above, the bailiffs will commence further enforcement action to recover your outstanding council tax. This action  may include the seizure and sale of your goods at public auction. You will be charged further costs if such action becomes necessary.

Bailiff fees

Fee Stage Fixed Fee Percentage Fee*
Compliance Stage £75.00 Nil
Enforcement Stage £235.00 7.5%
Sale or Disposal Stage £110.00 7.5%

*Percentage fee is incurred where the balance at the commencement of that stage is over £1,500.00

In accordance with the new regulations, there are three stages;

Compliance stage: The bailiffs will issue a compliance letter, allowing the opportunity to contact them and pay the outstanding balance in full or discuss a payment arrangement.
Enforcement stage: If the outstanding balance is not paid in full, or default occurs on any agreed payment plan, the case will progress to this stage. At this point, if payment is not made, the bailiff may take control of goods to the value of the debt.
Sale or disposal stage: Where the outstanding balance is not paid, goods taken may be sold at auction.

If you cannot pay in full immediately, and you are employed, the law requires that you disclose your employer’s name and business address.

If you are not employed, confirm that you receive job seekers’ allowance, income support or employment support allowance.

If you have any dispute about the amount of council tax you should be paying, please contact the council immediately.

Further information

For further information please contact:

Telephone: 01283 508030 - Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Email: council.tax@eaststaffsbc.gov.uk

In person: Visit one of our Customer Service Centres in the Market Place, High Street, Burton upon Trent; or the Library in Uttoxeter

Write to us: Revenues Team, PO Box 8045, Burton upon Trent, DE14 9JG