Noise complaint

Noise nuisance

Under The Environmental Protection Act 1990, we can investigate complaints of noise from various sources including loud music, barking dogs, DIY, burglar alarms and noise from pubs, clubs, industrial and commercial premises.

If you are affected by noise, you can use The Noise App to instantly record noise on your phone and report it directly to us.

The links (to the side) describe in more detail the various noise complaints that we receive.

The Noise App

The noise app is a quick and easy way to record noise which is causing a nuisance. It allows you to make short audio recordings of the noise and enter details about the nature of the disturbance using your smartphone which then combine to make an electronic noise diary. This can then be shared with the Council to support your complaint. The audio clips are unlikely to be sufficient on their own to determine if the noise is a statutory nuisance, but can be very helpful in deciding your priority level, and helping your complaint progress quickly. (please note that an email account must be set up on the smartphone).

The app is available on Android or iPhone: Please note that to comply with Human Rights legislation it is important that when recording audio evidence of noise you just try to capture evidence of the noise nuisance. You must be reasonable and not intrusive - do not snoop on neighbours or their family.  When registering to use The Noise App, users are requested to activate the GPS location feature on their smartphone.  This enables the recording location to be validated for each recording when using the App.

How to Start Using the App
Before you download the App please contact us to report your noise complaint either online or by calling the Environmental Health Team on 01283 508578. Please note that we are unable to accept recordings unless you have contacted us first.
Step 1
Download the app from or search online for ‘The Noise App RHE' at Google Play or the Apple App Store.
Step 2
Create your account and choose ‘East Staffordshire Borough Council' as your service provider to investigate your noise nuisance reports.
Step 3
To report a nuisance simply tap the icon, make a 30-second recording of the noise, complete a form and submit your report online.
Step 4
Await a response from us.
Please be aware that all recordings carry a GPS stamp so that Officers are aware of your location when you are making the recording, and all recordings carry a date and time stamp.
How it works

Instantly records noise nuisance on your smartphone to create an accurate record of the problem and how it affects you.

Once you’ve recorded your evidence, you can send it directly to East Staffordshire Borough Council to investigate. The recordings are uploaded directly onto a secure site that the Investigating Officers access to determine what action is necessary. You can submit up to 15 recordings per day and each recording lasts for up to 30 seconds.

We will be able to communicate directly with you by sending messages via The Noise App.  This means you will not have to keep calling us after submitting your recordings. Please ensure that ‘push notifications’ are allowed so that you can be notified on your smartphone when the Council messages you within the app.

Note: You will need a ‘smart’ phone device to use this app and broadband is recommended so it doesn’t use your mobile data allowance.

Once you've created an account, the app is incredibly easy to use. It will guide you through making your first recording and sending it to East Staffordshire Borough Council, but if you need more detailed instructions please download and read the Noise App User Guide.

For further details visit: (opens in new window)

An Introduction to the Noise app-
Get started with the Noise App-

Can't use the app?
If you don't have a ‘smart' device you can still report noise issues online and we will send you diary sheets to record the nuisance.