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Environmental Crime Prosecutions for Those Who Break Dog Waste Rules

ESBC’s Community and Civil Enforcement team are reminding local dog owners of their responsibility to clean up after their pets. It is the dog owners’ responsibility to pick up and dispose of their dog’s fouling by collecting it in a bag and placing it in a bin or take it home and dispose of it in their grey waste bin.

Responsible dog ownership also extends to having a supply of bags when walking a dog, for cleaning up after they have deposited their faeces on the ground. Failing to do this carries a fixed penalty fine of £75. For those who choose not to pay the fine, prosecution is the next step.

Cllr Bernard Peters, Cabinet Member for Communities and Housing Standards said: “Dog owners have a major responsibility when it comes to cleaning up after their pets and I want to thank those responsible owners that abide by the rules. Failure to do so, however, will result in hefty fines and even prosecution. Tying waste bags to your dog’s lead is a brilliant way to ensure you and your dog are never caught short while out for a walk.”

Recently, the courts have found three offenders guilty of not carrying a receptacle to pick up after their dog and between them they were fined a total of £2,006.

An additional prosecution for a littering offence was also heard in court and the offender was fined a total of £339.

Those that choose not to pay these fines or ignore the Fixed Penalty altogether will be prosecuted. 

A simple solution is tie your dog bags to their lead…
Take the lead, take the bag!

2022-06-21 00:00:00