Filming in the borough

If you wish to carry out filming within the borough of East Staffordshire  we will need some information from you before we can approve your request.

Location Information

  • A good knowledge of exactly where you want to film

Schedule Information

  • Date(s) of when you wish to film
  • When you plan to start and finish filming at your location

Shoot Information

  • A thorough knowledge of the type of filming to be done at the location

Filming in a park

  • To use the park outside we require a copy of your risk assessments for the activity being carried out and any other relevant health and safety documentation you may have, we also require a copy/proof of valid public liability insurance. Email for more information. 

Filming on public roads

Before filming on a public road you must contact Staffordshire Police and the Highways Department of Staffordshire County Council.

Filming on/in private property

  • You must seek permission of the property owner.

If you wish to discuss your needs further please contact the communications team on 01283 508626 or email us on