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Council ready to support those affected by war in Ukraine

I was very pleased to join Leaders from across Staffordshire to support this urgent humanitarian crisis and ESBC will be ready to do all it can to support those in need.

"For the Attention of The Prime Minister, the Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP and Home Secretary, the Rt Hon Priti Patel MP

Dear Prime Minister

As the world has watched the horrific events unfold in Ukraine, citizens living in free and democratic countries have considered how they can best play their part in assisting with this unfolding crisis.

We welcome the actions taken so far by this Government against the Putin regime, and are proud to see that President Zelensky counts the United Kingdom amongst his greatest allies. But we must now do more.

We write to you as Staffordshire local authority leaders to let you know we stand ready and able to welcome those displaced by war in Europe. We have the skills, the authority and the willingness to assist in housing and supporting families seeking refuge from the horrors of war, and urge you to clear the bureaucratic path as quickly as possible for those families seeking safe passage, who urgently need our assistance.

Your sincerely"

Councillor George Allen, Leader of the Council