Burton upon Trent High Street Project Update

Over the last few months, the Council has been working closely with private and third sector partners to develop proposals for the Reimagined Brewery Centre and the wider High Street project in Burton.

This has involved working with key organisations such as Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, on the Washlands Visitor Centre, and the National Brewery Heritage Trust and Sarner International on the national brewery visitor experience, as well as other advisory or contracted partners. This follows advice given by the local historian group last year on stories of Burton for the heritage centre. 

The Council is currently on track to report on the concept designs for the project to its Members and the Town Deal Board in July, alongside meeting with representatives from the Heritage Lottery Fund, hospitality investors/operators, organisations from within the brewing industry, and representatives from Whitehall on behalf of the Towns Fund programme. The project remains in line with the requirements of the approved Towns Fund project and the principles of project consultation over a number of years, including the public forum organised by the local MP. 

Following review by the Council and Town Deal Board in the summer, we will be publishing concept plans on the Council’s website, social media and in the Regeneration Hub located at the Brewery Heritage Centre on Station Street, Burton. At the same time, we will be organising a series of guided tours around the High Street project site, where people will be able to see the buildings for themselves, ask questions about the project, and share ideas for bringing the vision to life. Parts of the site will be operational and so may not be available at the time, however it is envisaged that Old Bass House and Town House will be available for visits as a minimum.

As we start to finalise the architectural designs, consideration will be given to how best to incorporate some key features of the project, such as:

•    Creating a vibrant space for artisanal food and drink festivals, alongside craft brewing experiences;

•    Building on the educational offer of the Brewing Enterprise Centre to enable varied day and evening cultural activity;

•    Establishing cultural and experiential trails that use the Reimagined Brewery Centre as a hub and connect the facility into the wider town and beyond; 

•    And more.

Cllr Rob Hawkins, Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Development, said: “With each week, my excitement for this project grows as I can see the potential of the Reimagined Brewery Centre as a real destination where people can not only engage with brewery from a historic perspective, but also learn about the future of brewery and how modern technology is being used within the industry.

The mixture of different activities we hope to achieve will be equally exciting and ensure that there is something for everyone through leisure, culture and a quality food and drink offer.”

“I’d like to thank all who have been involved in a number of years in supporting this project, such as the local historian group, the Brewery Trust, the Wildlife Trust and the local residents who have engaged in the various consultation exercises to date.”

The development of this project comes alongside other initiatives in the town, such as the Washlands Enhancement Project and the Market Hall project, which are designed to complement the proposals for the High Street site and both of which will be financed by other funding streams outside of the Towns Fund programme. 

Information on how to view concept plans and take part in guided tours will be available from late-July/early-August.