Walking is ideal for the build up of stamina. By maintaining a steady, rhythmic pace, you will be exercising the heart and lungs, and improving your aerobic fitness. Through ‘aerobic type’ exercise, like walking, the body releases chemicals that can help you to feel good and relieve the symptoms of stress. Regular slow, long distance exercise is the best for weight control. Ideally you should be aiming to walk at a brisk pace for 20 - 30 minutes without becoming breathless.

As with any form of exercise, it is important to build up gradually. Start off with the short route if you are not used to walking the longer distances. If you haven’t exercised for some time and/or you have a health condition that might be aggravated by exercise, then check with your GP before continuing with these walk routes.

Please remember to dress for the weather and take refreshments with you. Strong waterproof footwear is recommended to be worn and warm waterproof clothing should be available should the weather try to catch you out.

Branston Leas Nature Reserve

Download the Branston Leas Nature Reserve leaflet

There are two starting points available for this walk. Riverside Hotel or the railway bridge connecting the Branston Leas Housing Estate to the nature reserve. This 6km (2.6 mile) walk takes you along the bank of the River Trent and round the developing Branston Leas Nature Reserve.

Woodlands and Washlands

Download the Woodlands and Washlands leaflet

This circular route is 3 miles (5km) 1¾ hours. The walk is relatively short with a certain amount of walking in built up areas. The walk does incorporate some climbing to high points and some flights of steps, but is rewarded with good views across Burton and its surrounding countryside.

Ellastone and the Weavers

Download the Ellastone and the Weavers leaflet

Ellastone is on the B5032 seven miles north of Uttoxeter. This walk is suitable for abilities from the beginner to the hardened rambler.

Stapenhill Woodland Walk & Riverside Walk

Download the Stapenhill Woodland Walk leaflet

For those of you who are interested in trees, we’ve designed this walk for you to be able to enjoy and appreciate the trees within Stapenhill Woodland Walk.Stapenhill Woodland Walk has a wide variety of mature trees.

Branston Water Park

Download the Branston Water Park leaflet

Circular- Approx 1 mile - ¾ hour Branston Water Park is a 40 acre lake surrounded by woodland, wetland, and wildflower meadow that supports a rich variety of wildlife. It is one of East Staffordshire’s key sites and a popular wildlife and recreational resource for local residents and visitors alike.