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Performance management

All effective local authorities monitor their performance in order to know how well they are doing and identify any areas for improvement; this is known as performance management. This section is designed to explain how East Staffordshire Borough Council manages its performance.

Performance management involves:

  • deciding what needs to be done (for example - aims, objectives, priorities and targets)
  • a plan for ensuring that it happens (for example - improvement, action or service plans)
  • a means of assessing if this has been achieved (for example - performance indicators)
  • information reaching the right people at the right time (performance reporting) so decisions are made and actions are taken

The corporate plan contains all the council’s priorities, including targets for any performance indicators that it is responsible for reporting on. Further information can be found in the corporate plan section.

The council also closely manages its financial performance, including monitoring variations against budgets. Further information on the council's financial position can be found in the Council's Statement of Accounts and Medium Term Financial Strategy.

For other published data please visit the open data section.