Neighbourhood plans

Parishes in East Staffordshire have been very proactive in wanting to shape their local areas. There are 17 Parishes who have either had their Neighbourhood Plans made (adopted) by East Staffordshire Borough Council or who are currently writing them:

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Map of Neighbourhood Plan Areas in East Staffordshire

Each neighbourhood area is at a different stage of the process, some have made great progress and are at draft plan stage and others are looking at issues and options for their local area.

Key to progressing a Neighbourhood Plan is getting a motivated group of people from the area together to push the plan forward. Ideally a steering group should consist of parish councillors, residents and business owners to give a mix of views and opinions on emerging policies.

Many of the neighbourhood areas in East Staffordshire have taken on planning consultants to help with the evidence base, national planning policy and consultation with residents.

There are a number of organisations that can assist with the neighbourhood planning process, ESBC has a list of experienced planning consultants and advisory bodies that can help parishes through the process.

A protocol has been prepared setting out East Staffordshire Borough Council's duties to support Neighbourhood Plans.

For any queries please contact Planning Policy on 01283 508611 or