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Neighbourhood planning latest news

Pre-application Advice

The pre application and enquiry service has TEMPORARILY been SUSPENDED due to the high volume of applications we are receiving. Pre applications for major and strategic developments will continue to be accepted. 

If you are seeking advice on whether planning permission would be required please see our planning guides.

Alternatively you can submit a certificate of lawfulness application. 

Uttoxeter and Shobnall Neighbourhood Plans out for consultation

Uttoxeter Town Council and Shobnall Parish Council have drafted their Neighbourhood Plans and they are now out for consultation (Regulation 14), where residents and businesses are asked to comment on the plans.  Both consultation periods run from 15th February until 28th March 2016.  Any comments on the Uttoxeter Neighbourhood Plan should be directed to the Town Council: www.uttoxetertowncouncil.org.uk/neighbourhood-development-plan and comments on the Shobnall Neighbourhood Plan to the Parish Council.

Stretton and Tatenhill & Rangemore voters say YES to their Neighbourhood Plans

On January 28th 2016, voters overwhelmingly said ‘Yes’ at the Referenda into their respective Neighbourhood Plans. See details of the results for Stretton and Tatenhill & Rangemore.

Anglesey out to Regulation 16 Consultation

Anglesey has now submitted their plan to East Staffordshire Borough Council. It is out to consultation from Monday 18th January until Monday 29th February 2016. See the Anglesey page for more details.

Regulation 14 consultation re-run in January/February 2016 in Marchington

Following feedback from the consultation on the Marchington Neighbourhood Plan held in September to November 2015, the Parish Council have decided to make changes to the Plan and these will be the subject of a further consultation from 4th January  to 16th February 2016. See Marchington page for more details.

Stretton and Tatenhill & Rangemore Neighbourhood Plans all set for Referendum

Following the Cabinet meeting on the 14th December the run-up to the Referendum for each of these two Neighbourhood Plans has started. Voting cards and information about Neighbourhood Plans will be sent to all eligible voters  in the two parishes. The Referendum day for both Plans is Thursday 28th January 2016. Proxy and postal voting facilities are available – contact the Elections Helpline on  01283 508376 or elections@eaststaffsbc.gov.uk  if you want to take up one of these options.

Newborough re-consults on revised Plan

Following feedback from the community on the first draft Plan for Newborough, the Steering Group for the Neighbourhood Plan have re-drafted some policies in the Plan and are re-consulting the community from 15th October to 26th November 2015. This is a re-running of the “Regulation 14” stage of the preparation process.” 

Stapenhill out to Regulation 14 consultation

Stapenhill Parish is seeking the views of local people on their draft Neighbourhood Plan between 17th October and 28th November 2015. For more details, contact:

jo.samuels@bpud.co.uk or neighbourhoodplanning@eaststaffsbc.gov.uk

Stretton and Tatenhill revised policies pass through a second examination

Stretton and Tatenhill Parishes were both disappointed with the outcomes of their respective Examinations earlier in 2015. So they both discussed revised policies and fresh evidence base with ESBC that aimed to both satisfy the Examiner’s concerns and create the policy protection their communities had indicated was important. Following a 6 week consultation on the revised Plans, they were both submitted for Examination, and the Examiner’s Reports have now been received.

Winshill Neighbourhood Plan moves to draft consultation stage

The Winshill Neighbourhood Plan has now reached draft, or Regulation 14 consultation.  This is the first statutory consultation period on the Neighbourhood Plan for Winshill Parish.  The consultation period runs from 13th October to 5th December 2015.  To view the plan and comment please go to the Winshill Parish Council website: http://www.winshill.info/welcome

Abbots Bromley parish become the 17th Neighbourhood Plan Area in East Staffordshire

Abbots Bromley parish was officially designated as a neighbourhood area on 8th October by way of an executive decision, signed by Cllr Julia Jessel.  This designation is the first stage in Abbots Bromley writing their Neighbourhood Plan, which will involve local people and businesses in the coming months.

Marchington Neighbourhood Plan moves to draft consultation stage

The Marchington Neighbourhood Plan has now reached draft, or Regulation 14 consultation.  This is the first statutory consultation period on the Neighbourhood Plan for Marchington Parish.  The consultation period is from 28th September to 8th November 2015. 

Branston, Outwoods and Yoxall Neighbourhood Plans now “Made”

On 17th August 2015, East Staffordshire Borough Council’s Cabinet resolved that the Branston, Outwoods and Yoxall Neighbourhood Plans be “made” and they now formally become part of the Borough Council’s Development Plan. They will be used to guide planning decisions in their respective parishes. Congratulations to each of the Steering Groups and Parish Councils for all their hard work, which has now paid off! There are now 5 “made” Neighbourhood Plans in East Staffordshire, with the 3 new Plans joining those for Anslow and Horninglow & Eton.

Neighbourhood Plan Newsletter

The latest Neighbourhood Plan Newsletter is now published which provides an update on the progress of all of the Neighbourhood Plans within the Borough.

Neighbourhood Plan Newsletter - August 2015

Branston, Outwoods and Yoxall Neighbourhood Plans all get a "Yes" vote at Referendum

Three referenda were held on 23rd July 2015 when Branston, Outwoods and Yoxall Plans went out to the voters. For more information, see the Branston, Outwoods and Yoxall Neighbourhood Plan pages.

Uttoxeter Neighbourhood Development Plan

Over the last six months the Steering Group and Town Council have made considerable progress towards delivering a Neighbourhood Plan for Uttoxeter.

The Steering Group have gathered the community’s views from questionnaires, exhibitions and key meetings with local groups and organisations, and coupled these with detailed research undertaken by their consultants BPUD Limited, to set out the key issues and concerns that have been raised by the community. This has resulted in an Emerging Policies document that will be the subject of further consultation.

The Steering Group will be holding an exhibition at the Makers Market on Saturday 25th July 2015 between 10am and 3pm to showcase the outline policies and to explain how they have converted the feedback from the community into the outline framework for the Neighbourhood Plan. There will be several opportunities to leave your feedback on the day or you can comment online (plan4uttoxter@gmail.com), or by writing to the Town Council until 31st August 2015. It is vitally important that the steering group obtain as many views as possible on the outline policies before embarking on developing a full draft of the plan for consideration.

If you cannot attend the Makers Market consultation, a short document, known as the Emerging policies Document, sets out the outline policies can be downloaded from the Town Council’s website, (www.uttoxetertowncouncil.org.uk) along with a feedback questionnaire and a FAQs sheet.

Horninglow and Eton Plan Gets a ‘Yes’ Vote at Referendum and is Now ‘Made’ by ESBC                        

Voters in Horninglow and Eton Parish gave a resounding ‘yes’ to their Neighbourhood Plan on 5th March 2015. with 88.5% of people voting endorsing the plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan was ‘made’ – that is adopted by the Borough Council as part of its statutory development plan - at the meeting of the Cabinet on Monday 16th March.  The plan will be used to help make planning decisions in Horninglow and Eton parish and is the 2nd plan to be made in East Staffordshire.

The Horninglow and Eton NDP was independently examined by a suitably qualified planning professional in November 2014. The Inspector's Report is now available.             

Shobnall Now Officially Designated and Start Preparing Their Neighbourhood Plan

Shobnall Parish Council’s application to the Borough Council for the Parish to be designated as a neighbourhood area was approved on 12th March 2015 following a 6 week consultation period. This now paves the way for Shobnall to begin preparing their Neighbourhood Plan in earnest.

Branston Neighbourhood Plan Submission Version out to Consultation

In accordance with section 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 East Staffordshire Borough Council hereby invite feedback from organisations and individuals on the Branston Neighbourhood Development Plan. The consultation period lasted for 6 weeks and ran from Monday February 9th 2015 to Monday March 23rd 2015 12 noon.

Stretton Neighbourhood Plan Submission Version Has Been Examined

Stretton Parish Council submitted its plan to the Borough Council in November 2014 who ran the consultation for a period of 7 weeks and ran from 8th December 2014 to 26th January 2015.

The plan has now been submitted to an independent Examiner, Alyson Linegar, and her final report can be found on the Stretton Neighbourhood Plan page.

Shobnall: the sixteenth Parish to get going on a Neighbourhood Plan.

Please click here for more details

Neighbourhood Plan Newsletters - Back Issues

Neighbourhood Plan Newsletter - January 2015

Neighbourhood Plan Newsletter - August 2014

Making of Anslow Neighbourhood Development Plan

East Staffordshire Borough Council's Cabinet on 18th August 2014 resolved to make the Anslow Neighbourhood Development Plan under Section 38(4) of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 (as amended). For further information please see the Anslow Neighbourhood Plan page.