A hire management company can only licence a vehicle if the accident vehicle is not roadworthy and has been suspended by the licensing team or the vehicle is off the road due to the accident repair work being carried out (proof from the garage will be required).

The replacement vehicle must be an approved make and model under the current East Staffordshire Borough Council Policy. A replacement vehicle will only be issued on a like for like basis, i.e. the number of seats.  The vehicle must be less than 10 years old and meet current ESBC conditions.

If you have any enquiries before purchasing a vehicle and submitting your application relating to vehicle specification, colour, age or seating arrangements, please contact email



Application form

Application form for replacement vehicle

Vehicle Inspection

An appointment will be required to inspect the vehicle. Please phone 01283 508506

Attachments required

  • The log book V5C (vehicle registration document). This must be the original document and in your name and current address
  • Original valid insurance certificate.
  • Certificate of Compliance
  • Driving Licence

Processing & timescales

2 working days from receipt


8 weeks


Please contact taxi licensing in the first instance.