It is important that only items acceptable on our collection schemes are put into your recycling containers.

We are only able to collect the materials that our contractors can sort for recycling or composting.  Unfortunately there are still some items that cannot be included e.g. not all items made from plastic, metal or glass should be included in the blue bin.  Please follow our guidelines about what you CAN recycle, instead of what is written on the packaging itself. 

If incorrect items are put into the collection vehicle, the whole collection load may be rejected by the treatment facility and none of the material will be recycled or composted, undoing the good work of other residents and costing taxpayers extra money.

Our contamination policy:

  • On collection day all crews carry out a visual inspection of the bin to check for contamination.
  • If incorrect items are found, the bin will not be emptied.
  • The collection crew will leave a sticker on the blue or brown bin identifying the contamination.
  • The collection crew will record on their in cab unit which bins have been recorded as being contaminated and what the contamination is.
  • Residents must remove the incorrect items and place the bin out on the next scheduled collection date.  We will not return to empty bins that have been reported as contaminated.
  • The process is repeated on the second occasion that incorrect items are found in the bin.  After two incidents of contamination being reported, a letter is sent to the resident.
  • If contamination is reported a third time, a visit is made to the property by an officer from the Authority.