In the event that severe weather affects the refuse and recycling collection service, we will continue to carry out collections where it is considered safe to do so. But what happens if we can’t collect your bins because of the bad weather?

Recycling and Waste Bins

  • Please put your bins out for collection on your scheduled day as normal (consult your collection calendar).
  • If your bins are not collected please leave them out.  They will be collected as soon as it is safe to do so.  Weekends may be used to catch up on collections where possible.  
  • If we have not emptied your bin due to the severe weather conditions and have been unable to return to your property before your next scheduled collection, then up to 3 bags of side waste will be taken from beside that bin on your next scheduled collection (excluding the brown bin).

Why haven’t you collected my bin?

On occasion, severe weather does have an impact on our service as refuse vehicles are vulnerable to skidding, with the potential to cause considerable damage. Whilst we will make every effort to minimise disruption, the health and safety of our crews and the public in general has to take priority.  Even though the road appears clear, the pathways may be dangerous for our crews to collect bins.  An increase in parked cars on streets during bad weather can also stop collection vehicles getting into or out of a street safely.

The contents of my brown garden bin are frozen and it has not been fully emptied. Will you return to collect?

If we cannot empty your brown bin due to its contents being frozen in the base, we will empty it on your next scheduled collection day, once it has thawed.  We won’t return to empty frozen bins.

General advice regarding waste and recycling in the event of a service disruption:

  • Double bag non-recyclable waste including food waste and disposable nappies that are going into your grey waste bin.
  • Make use of home composting bins for any vegetable and fruit peelings, tea bags, coffee grounds, cardboard and paper, if one is available to you.
  • Rinse out and bag excess recycling in an open clear/white bag.  This waste will not perish or smell and can be stored safely.  Excess recycling will be picked up with your blue bin once the collection rounds have resumed.  Please squash cans and plastics where possible to get the maximum capacity out of your blue recycling bin.
  • If it is possible for you, make use of the Household Waste Recycling Centres to dispose of excess waste.  In times of bad weather please check to see if these sites are open before you set off.
  • Please ensure that the correct bin is used for the correct type of waste or recycling to ensure that the maximum capacity is made out of all of your bins.