How your council tax is spent

Council tax summary for a band D property (excluding parish and special expense tax rates).

Summary for a band D property

Authority £
East Staffordshire Borough Council 167.30
Staffordshire County Council 1,067.71
Adult Social Care (Staffordshire County Council) 20.94
Police Authority 177.61
Fire Authority 70.33
Total Council Tax 1,503.89

How East Staffordshire Borough Council spends your council tax

The Council's total budgeted expenditure for 2015/2016 amounts to £51m compared to £52m for 2014/15.  This is divided amongst the main services of the Council as follows:

Housing services: £29.7m (2015/16 £29.7m)
Trading services: £0.5m (2015/16 £0.5m)
Central services: £3.4m (2015/16 £3.5m)
Cultural, environmental and planning services: £16.5m (2015/16 £16.5m)
Highways, roads & transportation: £0.7m (2015/16 £0.8m)

How East Staffordshire Borough Council has been able to reduce council tax this year

You can find out more about how your council tax will be spent in 2018/19 by reading the council tax booklet.

How other authorities have spent your council tax

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