How your council tax is spent

Council tax summary for a band D property (excluding parish and special expense tax rates).

Summary for a band D property

Authority £
East Staffordshire Borough Council 167.30
Staffordshire County Council 1,067.71
Adult Social Care (Staffordshire County Council) 20.94
Staffordshire Police & Crime Commissioner 177.61
Staffordshire Commissioner Fire & Rescue Authority 70.33
Total Council Tax 1,503.89

How East Staffordshire Borough Council spends your council tax

The Council's total budgeted expenditure for 2015/2016 amounts to £51m compared to £52m for 2014/15.  This is divided amongst the main services of the Council as follows:

Housing services: £29.7m (2015/16 £29.7m)
Trading services: £0.5m (2015/16 £0.5m)
Central services: £3.4m (2015/16 £3.5m)
Cultural, environmental and planning services: £16.5m (2015/16 £16.5m)
Highways, roads & transportation: £0.7m (2015/16 £0.8m)

How East Staffordshire Borough Council has been able to reduce council tax this year

You can find out more about how your council tax will be spent in 2018/19 by reading the council tax booklet.

How other authorities have spent your council tax

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