2018 Borough Council By-Election results

Crown Ward By-Election

Election date: June 7, 2018

Ballot Papers Issued: 1,799

No of Papers Rejected: 2

Candidate's Name Party Votes Elected?
Marjoram, Gordon Edward Conservative 459 Y
​Pettingale, Michael David Liberal Democrats 71  
Walker, William Labour Party 73  

Duly Elected:

Marjoram, Gordon Edward 

Stretton Ward By-Election

Election date: February 8, 2018

Ballot Papers Issued: 1,799

No of Papers Rejected: 2

Turnout: 29.72%

Candidate's Name Party Votes Elected?
Buchan, Rhys Arthur David Liberal Democrat 14  
​Gould, Vicki J Conservative 764 Y
Lamb, Graham Herbert Independent 625  
Levis, Peter William John UKIP 47  
Pritchard, Elaine Labour 347  

Duly Elected:

Gould, Vicki J