Election date: May 2, 2019

Electorate: 6206

Ballot Papers Issued: 1880

Rejected Ballot Papers:

Turnout: 30.29%

Candidate's Name Party Votes Percentage of Electorate Elected?
Robert Frank Coates Liberal Democrat 239    
Ray Faulkner Conservative Party 789   E
Dennis Fletcher Labour Party 756   E
Sam Anthony Goldsworthy Liberal Democrat 214    
Theo Hollier Liberal Democrat 173    
Mike Metcalfe Conservative Party 730   E
Dena Rapley Green Party 208    
Philippa Ann Saddington Labour Party 517    
Kim Lorraine Smith Labour Party 671    
Mathew Philip Webb Conservative Party 714    

Duly Elected:

Ray Faulkner - Dennis Fletcher - Mike Metcalfe

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