Renting in East Staffordshire

Landlord Support Package

New in August 2018 is the Landlord Support Package.  It has been set up to help landlords who are willing to accept particular tenants referred by the Housing Options Team.  It is a special package set up in addition to what the Council has already been doing to engage landlords in the area, eg organising the Landlords Forum

In terms of the day-to-day work of landlords, the following are examples of the kind of responsibilities all landlords need to research to make sure that everything is in order when they rent out a property.

  1. How to Rent should be given to tenants once at the start of their tenancy
  2. How to Let is a Government booklet intended to help Landlord
  3. Responsibilities of Landlords are set out on a Government web page
  4. The Right to Rent - landlords must copy UK residential status documents for every adult in your property
  5. Data Protection means ensuring that landlords handle tenants' data in accordance with the law
  6. Deposits must be protected properly within 30 days of receipt
  7. The Model Agreement is an example tenancy agreement*
  8. Lawful repossession means landlords must keep to eviction procedures that are legal
  9. Further Information is available to help to understand the issues to do with letting
  10. Our Landlords Forum is held 2-3 times a year

*Note: the Model Agreement for Assured Shorthold Tenancies contains extremely useful checklists to help landlords fulfil the wide range of legal requirements that are now in place.  Use of the Model Agreement is voluntary but it is still an informative document which has been kept up to date to reflect relevant legislative changes.   Although it has been designed for longer-term tenancy periods of 2 years, it can be used for shorter periods of 6 months or more – guidance on this is contained in the document itself.

If you need further advice, please contact Landlord Relations on 01283 508149.


Finding a home to rent is often difficult.  The following examples of issues that need to be thought about may be useful to anyone in this situation. 

  1. How to find somewhere to live in East Staffordshire
  2. How to apply to become a tenant of a housing association in East Staffordshire
  3. Private Tenants - information about renting and rent levels
  4. The Rights and Responsibilities of all tenants are set out on the Government's website
  5. How to Rent is a booklet that landlords should give to tenants at the start of a tenancy
  6. How to Rent a Safe Home explains makes a home safe
  7. Homelessness, Harassment and Illegal Eviction

 If you need further advice, please contact the Housing Options Team on 01283 508120