Appointment and role of Mayor

The Mayor is elected by Members of the Council, at the Annual Council Meeting which is held in May.

In general, the Mayor should be prepared to take an interest in all matters of concern on the life of the borough. The Mayor should at all times be dignified in carrying out his/her duties.

This Mayor, whilst carrying out his/her duties, should be wherever possible, impartial on controversial matters, in particular, politics and religion.

As the First Citizen the Mayor will respect the diversity of population of East Staffordshire. He/She will treat citizens with the same courtesy and he/she will respect all cultural and religious views.

As the First Citizen the Mayor will be responsible for promoting harmony in the Borough.

The Mayor will be encouraged to take interest in the activities of businesses, sporting organisations, schools and voluntary organisations.

The Mayor will be an ambassador for East Staffordshire by promoting the Borough locally, nationally and internationally.

The Mayor will declare at the commencement of his/her year of office which charity/charities he/she will be supporting, but not to the exclusion of others.

​The Mayor will not commit or purport to commit the Council to any position and/or financial expenditure without the prior approval of the Chief Executive and the Leader of the Council.

One of the great values that people bring to the post of Mayor is their own individuality, personality and approach. However, it goes without saying, that the Mayor should be of a smart appearance, have a pleasant personality, a confident, friendly manner, be diplomatic and versatile.