Planning applications and appeals

You can view planning applications by using any of the routes detailed below.

Specific Planning Application

If you have a reference number, you can search for a specific planning application.

General Planning Application Search

You can use our planning explorer to search for planning applications where you're not sure of the application number, for example by address or ward. You can also search for recent decisions and undecided applications.

If you do not know the application number please perform a general planning application search.

Online Mapping System

You can view planning data on our online mapping system. For example you can view Planning history from 1974, along with Listed Buildings, Conservation Areas and Tree Preservation orders.

Weekly list of Planning Applications

You can view our weekly list of planning applications, published every Monday.

Comment on a Planning Application

If you would like to comment on a planning application please go to our comment on a planning application page for more information.

View Planning Appeals

You can view appeals lodged with the Planning Inspectorate by using the Planning Explorer. Select 'Planning Appeals' and the explorer will explain what you should do next.

Alternatively, you can access the report presented to the Planning Applications Committee of Appeals Received, Withdrawn and Determined together with a diary for Public Inquiries and Informal Hearings. The diary will inform you when and where the inquiries and hearings will take place. The 'Report' section includes the Appeals Report. Select 'Appeals Received, Withdrawn and Determined'.

The Appeals Report is available one week before the Committee date.

Further information on Appeals and how to make an online appeal is available on the Planning Portal website.

Please Note: - Planning Appeals are determined by the Planning Inspectorate and not the local authority.