Supplementary planning documents

The council has prepared a number of Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) and these will help to support the Local Plan. SPDs give more detailed technical guidance on policies or proposals. The council has also prepared other local guidance in the form of masterplans and development briefs.

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Bargates SPD Development Brief

Bargates Supplementary Planning Document 2010
Bargates Development Brief 2009

Derby Road Masterplan

Derby Road Masterplan - Consultation Draft 2010, Leaflet and Visualisations

Pirelli Development Brief

Pirelli Supplementary Planning Document 2011

Re-use of redundant farm buildings

Re-use of Rural Farm Buildings SPD 2010
Guidance on Traditional Farmsteads in East Staffordshire 2010

Design SPD

Design SPD 2008
Adoption Statement
Summary of Representations of Recommendations

Open Space SPD

Open Space Supplementary Planning Document 2010

Housing Choice SPD

Housing Choice Supplementary Planning Document (April 2016)
Building Regulations Guidance Note
Adoption Statement

Waste, Storage And Collection Guidance

Waste, Storage and Collection Guidance Document 2012

Parking SPD

Parking Standards - October 2017

Adoption Statement

Other SPD's, Development Brief's and Guidance’

East Staffordshire Tree Planting Guidance - July 2018

ESBC Cannock Chase SAC guidance - March 2018 and Frequently Asked Questions

St George's Park Development Brief - September 2014