With the Leisure Pass you can save up to 50% at all three of our leisure centres.

You can apply for a pass if...

Registered disabled:

  • Registered Disabled
  • Receiving Personal Independent Payment (PIP) (available to those aged 16-64)
  • Receiving Disability Living Allowance (DLA) (Available to those under 16 or if over the age of 65 on the 8 April 2013)
  • Receiving Employment Support Allowance (ESA) income based
  • Hold a Blue Badge

Please note that proof of disability will be required in the form of a Blue Badge or a letter from a NHS professional on NHS headed paper. A letter from the Department of Works and Pensions confirming receipt of Employment Support Allowance (ESA) and/or Personnel Independence Payment (PIP), (formerly known as Disability Living Allowance) would also be accepted.

Low Income:

  • Receiving Income Support*
  • Job Seekers Allowance – income based*
  • Claiming Housing Benefit*
  • Claiming Council Tax reduction*

Proof will be required be in the form of an awards letters from the DWP or ESBC Housing/Council tax. *Dependants of the applicant would be eligible for a Leisure Pass if they were mentioned on
the documentation or confirmed by CSC that they are named on the CTR/HB claim.

Registered carers qualify for a Leisure Pass and reduced entry rates if they are in receipt of a “monetary” value of Carers Allowance.  They must produce written evidence of this fact. Free entry will be granted for non-registered carer’s or a carer receiving no monetary award when accompanying a disabled person in order to assist them.  If they were to attend on their own or wish to use facilities themselves they would be charged full price.

Group Passes:
Day care services and Educational Schools for learning disabilities may be entitled to apply for a group leisure pass. Please contact the reception team for more information.

Work Based learning:
Individuals who are not in work but can demonstrate that they are supported by a learning provider.

Full time University, college or 6th form students are entitled to a leisure pass with proof that they are studying for more than 8 hours per week. A letter or email from a university, school or college administrator will be accepted. Unconditional university offers would also be accepted as proof. If no evidence can be provided then the final approval of your application will be determined by the
centre manager. Serving and non- serving personnel including reserves Serving personnel must produce a valid Ministry of Defence identification card. Non-serving personnel may hold a “defence discount scheme” card or “rewards for forces card”. 

How to apply for your pass

If you are receiving any of the listed benefits above, please take along proof of identity, address and benefit to Meadowside Leisure Centre, Uttoxeter Leisure Centre or Shobnall Leisure Complex.  The Leisure Pass application will be processed for you on the day, so you can start to enjoy the benefits straight away.

If you are applying as a school/college student: Please provide a letter on headed paper signed by your head of year, student services officer or training provider along with proof of number of hours study, address and identity. This will need to be given to either Meadowside Leisure Centre, Uttoxeter Leisure Centre or Shobnall Leisure Complex.

If you are applying as a university student please provide your NUS card to either Meadowside Leisure Centre, Uttoxeter Leisure Centre or Shobnall Leisure Complex and proof of number of hours study, address and identity.

Subsequently once all ID and relevant documents have been approved, your leisure pass will be made available to you for immediate use providing access across Meadowside Leisure Centre, Uttoxeter Leisure Centre and Shobnall Leisure Centre.