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Sports Scholarships

East Staffordshire Sports Scholarship Award Scheme

2019 Fund for Performers and Coaches


To recognise and encourage aspiring sports performers and performance level coaches, who live within the Borough of East Staffordshire


  • Aged under 25 on 31st August 2018 and have shown signs of significant improvement in performance at regional level or above or achieved top place finishes in National Competition
  • Ages under 25 on 31st August 2018 and have achieved International Honours or attended International Competitions recognised by Sport England or are ranked in the top 10 nationally
  • Aged under 2 on 31st August 2018 and have been selected to compete in National teams/squads or have a national 10 ranking
  • Applications are welcomed from those aged over 25 who have been selected to compete or are competing in National teams/squads or have a national top 10 ranking
  • Elite level performance coaches who coach athletes who have achieved at regional level or above during 2018
  • Performers must reside in East Staffordshire and do so for more than six months of the year
  • Performers must compete in a sport recognised by Sport England
  • Written evidence is supplied to support the application from a relevant National Governing Body representative
  • Relevant and up to date photo's or video's footage of the performer in action and at medal ceremony's should be supplied
  • All application should be submitted by the deadline, with no exceptions
  • All applications will be judged on the information provided on the application from, so please make your application as comprehensive as possible.

Nominations for 2019 awards are now closed.

2019 Sports Scholarship Nominations

Along side the Scholarship Awards there is a number of awards that recognise the achievement of individuals, who have shown dedication or excelled in their chosen sport as a volunteer, coach or work behind the scenes to help a sports club run smoothly.

Do you know any local voluntary sports men, women or young person that make a contribution to sport?

Do you know of a local sports performer, who has excelled in their chosen sport?

If the answer is yes to either of these, then why not nominate them for an East Staffordshire Sport Award. Nominations will be sort for:

  • Junior Team of the Year
  • Senior Team of the Year
  • Coach of the Year
  • Junior Volunteer of the Year
  • Administrator of the Year
  • Disabled Performer of the Year
  • Junior Sports Person of the Year
  • Sports Personality of the Year
  • Sports Unsung Hero

Nominations can be made by any individual who can comment on an individuals or teams outstanding contribution in one of the above sports awards categories. Making a nomination provides a great opportunity for their efforts and achievements to be celebrated and recognised.

Nominations for 2019 awards are now closed.

2018 Sports Scholarship Award Winners


Jessica Lear

Polly Phillips

Ellie Scott

Heidi Stokes







Harriet Bebbington

Finn Briggs-Pritchard

William Foster

Olivia Gregory

Amy-Lee Jones

Lucy Oldham

Katherine Reilly

Bethan Thomas

Benjamin Twynham


Shania Hayles

Emily Simpkins









Rebecca Bedford










Hollie Dowson

Katie Smith









Harry Handsaker

Charlotte Jones

Matthew Lear

Kaliyah Morant-Hudson

Edward Sheffield

Rebecca Sheffield

Jack Simpson


Jacob Buxton

Sophie Carlton-Greaves

Ben Douglas

Lucy Pendleton

Megan Ridley

Kieran Whetton


Tug of War

Emily Kerry

James Kerry

William Kerry

Brian Wheeler





James Bowley

Matthew  Bowley

Sam Maingay






Krishan Bhogal








Emma Reilly












Alfie Sewell












Julia French

Chloe Knight

Freya Lewis

Chloe Moore

Dominika Obniska

Debbie Prince

Lena Sienkiewicz






Nick Potts












Herbie Allen

Millie Benton

Henry Carlton-Greaves

Beth McQuoney

Lucy McQuoney

Mia O’Donnell

Eloise Rose

Samuel Smith

Scott Smith

Charlotte Warren-French

Ella Wycherley


Andrew McKinlay



Lizzie Beaver

Francesca George


Frazer Clarke



Josie Nelson

Lucy Nelson


Sam Woolley

Tom Woolley


Alexei Glass


Rebecca Bedford


Lorna McKinlay



Main Award Winners   

Emily Nelson, Hilton Hotel Sports Person of the Year Awardded to GB Track Cyclist and current Maddison World Champion.

Rebecca Bedford, Para Badminton and SS6 World Mixed Doubles Champion – Consolidated Charity of Burton upon Trent Disabled Performer of the Year

Mia Sherriff, Burton Athletics Club Youth Committee Chair - East Staffordshire Sports Partnership Young Volunteers of the Year

Dove Valley Junior League Swim Squad, Finished second in the league to earn promotion in the Junior League – ‘Ted Smith’ Junior Team of the Year in pursuit of excellence

Francesca George, England Rounder’s Senior Team member – Steve & Karen Gardner Junior Sports Person of the Year

Sally Clarke, After School Sports Administrator for William Shrewsbury - East Staffordshire Sports Council Administrator of the Year

Lis Slinn & Tracey Dolman, Washlands Women Runners Run Leaders - Big Wave Media Sports Coach of the Year

Burton Rugby Club 1st XV, Currently sit top of the League and have reached the county cup final, – Senior Team of the Year

John Oram, Trent Rowing Club Stalwart – ‘Vic Roebuck’ Memorial Trophy for Sports Un-Sung Hero’s