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The Census is held every 10 years and provides the most comprehensive source of information about the population and its characteristics. The current Census was held on 27th March 2011, and provides an update to the 2001 Census findings.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) provides Census information at a variety of geographical levels from a national level down to an output area level, which covers approximately 150 households. Information is available on the ONS website for output areas, wards, parishes, districts, counties, regions etc. It covers a number of themes including population, health, housing, employment, transport, education and ethnic group. This information can be accessed via the ONS website.

If you require information on East Staffordshire you may find it in one of our reports below which includes profiles for the Borough’s 21 wards, the latest population statistics and a summary of the Indices of Deprivation. The information is downloaded as PDFs and therefore requires Acrobat Reader software in order to read it.

The information provided is freely available for use by everyone. However, care should be taken when reproducing it to acknowledge copyright in the appropriate way.

Staffordshire Observatory is also a good source of data on the borough and the rest of Staffordshire.

Staffordshire Police provide local crime mapping data which is updated quarterly. The following link provides statistics on burglary, robbery, vehicle crime, violence, anti social behaviour and all crime at a variety of geographical levels from Staffordshire, through to East Staffordshire, Burton Neighbourhood Policing Unit, Uttoxeter Neighbourhood Policing Unit and at a very local level. The data can be accessed at https://www.ukcrimestats.com/Police_Force/Staffordshire_Police