Safety for Public Events

Tell us if you're planning an event in East Staffordshire so we can advise you on event planning 

As an event organiser, you are responsible for ensuring that your event runs smoothly and safely in line with current legislation and with minimal disturbance on local residents and businesses. However the East Staffordshire Safety Advisory Group (SAG) can provide you with advice and guidance to help you stage your event and understand your responsibilities and those of anyone involved. 

The SAG is not compulsory but it is always recommended to make contact if you are planning an event that involves a large number of spectators, road closures, excessive noise, etc. This is an informal process where you will be provided with guidance for your event and associated required documentation.

The types of events for which the SAG is recommended include:

  • Marches and parades
  • Fun runs/ cycle races/ charity walks/ Road races
  • Festivals, fairs and large scale markets
  • Concerts and music festivals
  • Shows, fetes and street parties
  • Motor sports
  • Bonfires and firework displays

Small events where large numbers are not expected, private or routine events do not need to be notified to the SAG, however if your require advice then please contact us on

Safety at Public Events

Why notify the Safety Advisory Group of an event?

The role of the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) is to encourage events, whilst ensuring that event organisers hold their events safely and legally. 

The SAG includes Council representatives, emergency services and other relevant organisations. It is an advisory group and as such it does not have legal powers or responsibilities and is not empowered to approve or prohibit events from taking place. However, agencies that are members of the safety advisory group may have regulatory powers separate to the SAG. 

The objectives of the SAG are to:

  • Advise the event organiser in order to ensure high standards of health and safety.
  • Promote good practice in safety and welfare planning.
  • Promote a consistent and coordinated, multi-agency approach to event planning and management.
  • Advise the event organiser in respect of the formulation of appropriate contingency and emergency arrangements.
  • Advise the event organiser in respect of relevant legislation and guidance
  • Encourage arrangements to minimise disruption to local communities.
  • Consider the implications of significant incidents and events relevant to venues, surrounding areas and facilities 
  • Ensure  that  all  aspects  of  relevant  legislation,  and  its  compliance,  are considered when evaluating an event notification and that  agencies with an interest in the event are notified through the Group as necessary.    

Notification of an event

You should apply to the safety advisory group if you are organising an event that involves a large amount of spectators or you think your event might present a significant public safety risk.

You can notify the SAG of your event by completing the Event Notification Form and emailing it to

The form should be submitted as soon as practicable, but no later than:

  • 2 months prior to an event for under 500 persons
  • 10 weeks prior to an event for over 500 persons
  • 6 months prior to an event attracting several thousand, or an event held over multiple days

If your event includes a number of catering providers please kindly complete and return the food business information form.

For further information about the process please read the East Staffordshire Safer Events Policy.

Events on Council land

Where Council Land is to be used for an event you must obtain permission from the Council by writing to or emailing the Open Spaces Team. Further information is available on the Council's Open Spaces webpage.


Please note this form is not a substitute to a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) and you will also need to submit a TEN to our Licensing Department if your event is on premises which are not licensed or are outside the current licence conditions.

More information can be found on the Council's Licensing page.

What happens after I have sent my notification form?

Once your form has been received, the information will be processed and circulated with the relevant members of the SAG for their consideration.  

Where appropriate the SAG will draw the organisers' attention to any potential omissions, amendments or improvements where urgent action is considered to be warranted. The aim is to provide organisers with feedback on event proposals at an early stage so there is plenty of time for any significant areas of concern to be addressed.

You may then be asked to attend a Safety Advisory Group meeting. This meeting is voluntary and is designed to help your event run smoothly and safely. We aim to provide the right level of advice to ensure your event is safe, and our advice and any decisions are proportionate to the event.

We will advise event organisers and make recommendations but it is an organiser’s responsibility to implement the actions. If there is a disagreement between the Safety Advisory Group and the organisers and there is a risk to public safety then individual SAG members may decide to act to resolve the issue. This decision is separate from the Safety Advisory Group.

Further information and guidance

For further information and guidance to plan an event please see the Health and Safety Executive’s guide to running an event safely and the Purple guide to health, safety and welfare at events.

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