Apply for housing

Apply for Housing

The Council does not own any Council housing but it has responsibility for the Allocations Policy through which most rented social housing owned by Housing Associations is let.  You will need to fill in an Application Form so that your circumstances can be considered in terms of the Allocations Policy.

Rented social housing in East Staffordshire

Some things to be aware of:

  • Rented social housing is almost never an immediate option. For more information about all the renting options see Renting in East Staffordshire.
  • If you are at risk of losing your current home or are homeless already see homelessness.
  • Different housing associations offer different types of tenancy eg starter tenancies, fixed term tenancies and assured tenancies.
  • Different housing associations also charge different types of rent - "social rent" or "affordable rent", and there may be service charges to pay as well.
  • You must be able to afford these charges, utilising Housing Benefit or Universal Credit where eligible.
  • Social housing is unfurnished. This means that tenants have to provide themselves with all furnishings including white goods, curtains and often floor coverings.
  • Housing associations with housing in East Staffordshire are registered as charitable organisations and can therefore only offer tenancies to qualifying applicants including:
    • People of pensionable age
    • People registered as disabled
    • People with chronic physical or mental health problems
    • Households with a net annual income of less than around £31,000.
  • If you are aged 16 or 17 you cannot legally hold a tenancy until you become 18. If you are under 18 you will only be allocated rented social housing if someone suitable will act as your trustee, and housing associations may also require a guarantor.

For alternative housing options see private renting and find a room.

The East Staffordshire Housing Register

The way to apply for the vast majority of rented social housing in East Staffordshire is by applying to join the East Staffordshire Housing Register.

  • The only rented social housing in the borough available to new tenants outside the housing register is supported housing and some sheltered housing.
  • However if you are an existing housing association or council tenant and you want to move to or within East Staffordshire you can join the housing register and/or register through your landlord for mutual exchange.

The housing register is maintained for the Council and other partners by Trent & Dove Housing. Trent and Dove Housing also manage the process by which homes are let in East Staffordshire

Most people aged 16+ are eligible and qualify to join the housing register. However you are likely to be excluded from the housing register if you have recent history of rent arrears or antisocial behaviour.

Successful applicants are placed into one of four Priority Bands to reflect their level of need and their housing circumstances. Band 1 is the highest band, and Band 4 the lowest. In summary:

Band 1: owed a main homelessness duty by the Council; shortage of 3 bedrooms; urgent need to move because current home is severely detriment for medical, welfare or disability reasons; leaving supported housing and previously resident; leaving Care and connected to the Borough; tenant of a housing association house in the Borough and prepared to move to a flat or bungalow; tenant of a housing association home in the Borough with an adaptation you do not need.

Band 2: need to move to take up or retain employment; owed a lesser homelessness duty by the Council; current home is significantly detrimental for medical, welfare or disability reasons; shortage of 2 bedrooms; children aged 10+ sharing; tenant of a housing association home in the Borough with a designation you do not meet; resident child under 11 and live in a flat above first floor.

Band 3: resident child under 11 and do not have a garden; shortage of 1 bedroom; not a householder and aged 21+ or 18+ and working; sharing with another household and aged 25+, or a couple, or have children; would benefit from a move for medical, welfare, caring/support or disability reasons; other homeless; benefit reduction because under-occupying a housing association home in the Borough and prepared to move to a flat.

Band 4: you have worsened your circumstances; you have sufficient capital to purchase suitable housing or adapt your current housing; all other applicants.  

Successful applicants are also told how many bedrooms they are entitled to and for what size and type of property they are eligible.

Is it worth me joining the housing register?

There are typically around 2,000 applicants on the housing register seeking social housing, and around 550 homes become available in a typical year.

Most available properties are advertised and applicants registered on the housing register are invited to express their interest in them. This is known as Choice Based Letting. 

The likelihood of you being offered a property depends on how many suitable properties become available, which properties you express interest in, the popularity of those properties, your Band and how long you have been in the Band, hence on where you come on the rank list compared to others, and whether an applicant above you accepts the property.

How to apply to join the housing register

To apply to join the housing register you need to complete an application form.

You can either download the application form or obtain a form from the following locations:

Please note that you need to submit your completed application form to Trent & Dove Housing not to the Council.

Information needed with your application

  • 2 copies of identification for each adult applicant; one of personal identity - ideally photographic ID such as their passport or driving licence but failing that other ID such as their birth certificate, and one showing their current address (such as a utility bill or bank statement)
  • For any child in the household, evidence of receipt of child benefit or child tax credit
  • For any child included in the application to whom an applicant has significant access, evidence of this access such as a copy of legal documentation or a signed letter from the child’s guardian
  • If any member of the household is reported to be pregnant, proof of pregnancy and estimated due date
  • If applicable, a fully completed and signed Landlord Reference from the applicant’s current or most recent landlord and any other landlords within the last 2 years
  • If applicable, evidence of the household’s need to move e.g. a letter from a relevant professional.

If you are unable to provide any applicable information with your application, you need to explain this in a covering letter, since applications will only be received as valid without applicable information if there is an adequate explanation.

If you need help to fill out the application form and/or to write a covering letter, please ask at Trent & Dove offices (addresses above) or visit Housing Options.