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The Council employs a number of apprentices, and is committed to supporting people in the early stages of their careers.  Apprentices work in a variety of roles and teams across the Council.  Each apprentice is supported by the Council to achieve their qualifications, develop their skills and knowledge and gain excellent experience in the workplace.  Apprenticeship vacancies with the Council are advertised on the WMjobs website. 

I’m so glad I started doing an apprenticeship at the Council, as I have gained a huge number of skills. Thanks to my manager and colleagues I have experienced so much and feel like there is still so much more to see and achieve.

Aksar, apprentice in the Elections Team

I found that after leaving college I really struggled to find somewhere to work as everywhere I looked were asking for experience, which I didn’t have. The moment I started looking for apprenticeships I found that doors were opening for me and the ability to train in a qualification whilst at work was a huge bonus. In my time working at East Staffordshire Borough Council I have found that they are very willing to help someone progress in their career from the beginning, everyone is kind and helpful if I get stuck (both in my role and qualification). I would highly recommend it to anybody thinking about applying for an apprenticeship here as it is a great starting point for the future, getting a qualification under your belt and working with people who can offer both knowledge and experience along the way. I’m very grateful that they chose me.

Shelby, apprentice in the HR and Payments Team

Interview with Kieran, an apprentice in the Finance Team.

I am currently in the role of Trainee Accounting Technician and studying my Level 3 AAT. East Staffordshire Borough Council (ESBC) has given me the opportunity to not only progress from completing Level 2 AAT but has also offered me a full time job with the intentions of me continuing on my education to the highest and most beneficial standard, this in turn shows how supportive and committed they are to the success of their  apprentices. I have been given numerous counts of help with my apprenticeship and also been given certain responsibilities to coincide with my studies. They have tailored the job role to support the learning which has greatly impacted my success in the classroom. I was also given many other courses I could attend such as Equality and Diversity in the workplace training.

Working for ESBC

Working for ESBC is a pleasure and a privilege all the staff are friendly while also being happy to help. When beginning my journey with ESBC I was invited to speak to our Chief Executive who gave me words of encouragement as I stepped into the workplace which was reassuring as I knew that I would be happy to work here.  Another positive of working at ESBC is the help you are given and encouragements, if you are unsure of something you need do nothing more than ask and anyone would be more than willing to help.

Why I chose an apprenticeship?

I chose an apprenticeship as in my eyes it was the best option for me as it suited my learning style as I find that I learn best by doing, which is what an apprenticeship is all about. Furthermore in my chosen profession I feel like it would be the more direct route to getting my chartered qualification while also getting paid while simultaneously working within the chosen field and gaining that valuable work experience which is so coveted by businesses. My final reason for choosing an apprenticeship was to abstain from the debt of university as the average wage for my chosen career would be higher than that of the threshold for repayment of university fees and I felt like this would hinder me within other aspects of my life.