Private hire operator


To operate private hire vehicles in East Staffordshire, you need a Private Hire Operator's Licence.  A Private Hire Vehicle Operator Licence may be applied for by a company or partnership.

It is a requirement for all new Private Hire Operators to demonstrate adequate English Language skills and therefore undertake and pass an English Language skills assessment (came into force on the 01 March 2020), prior to submission of your application.

To operate standard private hire vehicles. A private hire vehicle should be less than 7 years old, carry a maximum of 8 passengers. The vehicle must also display door panels including the ESBC Logo, name of operator and telephone number.


£452.00 (5 year operator licence)

£43.00 Knowledge Test

£28.99 (English Language Skills Assessment)

Application form & guidance notes

Attachments required

  • Basic DBS Certificate (issued within 30 days) - a basic DBS status check is required on an annual basis
  • Adequate identification documents i.e., passport or UK driving licence etc


To qualify as an Operator you must:

  • Have no relevant convictions or been determined by the General Licensing Sub Committee to be a fit and proper person
  • pass a knowledge test and English and language skills assessment

Validity & renewals

5 years


Please contact Taxi Licensing in the first instance.


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