Climate change

East Staffordshire Borough Council recognises the importance of the climate change and sustainability agenda and the benefits this can bring to the residents and businesses of our borough.

Views and opinions on climate change and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions differ, however the associated benefits of having a climate change strategy, such as improved energy efficiency, the better use of resources and tackling fuel poverty are undeniable.

We also recognise the importance of being prepared for a changing climate through adaptation.

Our Climate Local priority commitments and action plan

Our Climate Change Strategy co-ordinates the work that we are undertaking towards the sustainability agenda.

Our Climate Change Adaptation Plan highlights the assessment process for climate change related risks at an operational level and details the action plan process for preparing for such risks.

The Green Deal & ECO With higher fuel costs the number of homes in fuel poverty is increasing, as households struggle to pay their bills. To encourage home energy efficiency improvements the Government has introduced the Green Deal to help householders, landlords and businesses identify and finance suitable energy efficiency measures to enable their homes to be warmer and to help make savings on fuel bills.

What you can do in the home and community to be more sustainable, becoming more energy efficient and help save money.