Burton Towns Fund

Burton upon Trent has been successful in its bid to the Towns Fund programme and has been awarded up to £23.8m.

The Heads of Terms for the funding have now been signed and submitted to Government. Please note - the unsigned version has been uploaded as this is easier to use with search functions and text readers.

The Town Investment Plan was developed by the Burton Town Deal board, which is a partnership made up of representatives from the community, public, and private sectors. 

For more information on the Towns Fund, please refer to the Prospectus and the Further Guidance.

Useful Documents

Town Deal Board Agendas & Minutes

Documentation for the meetings will be published as follows:

Agendas for future meetings will be uploaded within 5 clear working days of the meeting, where possible
Draft minutes will be published within 10 clear working days of the meeting.
Approved minutes will be published within 10 clear working days of the following meeting, where they are approved.
Some of the minutes from the Town Deal Board meeting are redacted for reasons of commercial sensitivty under Local Government Act 1972, Schedule 12A, paragraph 3. At such time in the future when the information is no longer considered to be commercially sensitive, the minutes will be updated with the unredacted versions.

Please note: The Town Deal Board did not meet between March 2020 and June 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. During that time, all activities were conducted electronically to ensure that work on the development of proposals for the regeneration of Burton upon Trent did not slow. Since July 2020, the Town Deal Board has met virtually using the Zoom platform. Any conflicts of interest identified prior to a vote of the Town Deal Board will be documented as appropriate.

Town Deal Board Minutes and Agendas










March 3rd

March 24th

















    Burton Towns Fund

    The Town Deal Board

    Parish Cllr John McKiernan, Vice Chair/Interim Chair

    Cllr McKiernan is a Councillor for Stretton Parish Council and is one of two Parish Council representatives on the Town Deal Board.

    Register of Interests

    Borough Cllr Michael T Fitzpatrick

    Register of Interests

    Borough Cllr Rob Hawkins

    Borough Cllr Paul Walker

    Borough Cllr Adam Clarke

    Register of Interests

    County Cllr Conor Wileman

    Register of Interests

    Kate Kniveton MP

    Kate was elected as Member of Parliament for Burton and Uttoxeter in December 2019.

    Register of Interests

    Parish Cllr Dennis Fletcher

    Cllr Fletcher is a Councillor for Winshill Parish Council and is one of two Parish Council representatives on the Town Deal Board. Cllr Fletcher is also a Borough Councillor, where he also represents the Winshill ward and is the Council’s longest serving active Councillor, first being elected in 1986.

    Register of Interests

    Chris Plant

    Chris is the Deputy Chief Executive at Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce.

    Register of Interests

    Shaid Hussain

    Shaid is an owner of multiple businesses in Burton town centre and a representative of the Burton community.

    Register of Interests

    Mick Clifford

    Mick is a member of the Burton upon Trent Civic Society.

    Register of Interests

    Harry White

    Register of Interests

    Former Board Members

    Ben Robinson MBE, former Chair

    Cllr Philip White, Staffordshire County Council

    Cllr Bev Ashcroft, East Staffordshire Borough Council

    Cllr George Allen, East Staffordshire Borough Council

    Nik Hardy, Managing Director of Hardy Signs Ltd

    Cllr Philip Atkins OBE, Staffordshire County Council

    Peter Hardingham, Business Owner and Former Centre Manager for the Octagon Centre

    Cllr Julia Jessel, Staffordshire County Council

    David Chadfield, former Centre Manager for Coopers Square Shopping Centre in Burton town centre.

    Cllr Duncan Goodfellow, East Staffordshire Borough Council

    Valerie Burton, member of the Burton Civic Society, former Economist, and Trustee of the National Brewery Heritage Trust.

    Cllr Steve Sankey, East Staffordshire Borough Council

    Cllr Victoria Wilson, Staffordshire County Council

    Lynette Howgate, Centre Manager, Coopers Square Shopping Centre. 

    Secretary to the Board

    Andy O'Brien, Chief Executive Officer, East Staffordshire Borough Council

    Please note: Registers of Interest are redacted to remove the signatures of the Town Deal Board Members and Council Officers. No other redactions have been made, except those that are clearly marked under subsection 32(2) of the Localism Act 2011.

    The Register of Interests form is based on the Borough Council’s Register of Interests for elected Members and so makes references to the whole of East Staffordshire in places. Where a Town Deal Board member has an interest that is within the Borough, but outside of the agreed town boundary for the Towns Fund, they will not have needed to declare that interest because the Towns Fund programme is only concerned with the Towns Fund geography.


    Town Deal Board Terms of Reference

    Function and Governance of the Town Deal Board

    The Burton upon Trent Town Deal Board functions as an advisory cross-sector partnership that supports East Staffordshire Borough Council in it's role as the Lead Accountable Authority for Burton's bid to the Towns Fund. The Town Deal Board is made up representatives of the public sector, private sector, and the local community. The Board is supported by Officers from East Staffordshire Borough Council and Staffordshire County Council, as well as commissioned support from Cushman & Wakefield. East Staffordshire Borough Council is the accountable body for the Town Deal Board.

    As such, the primary role of the partnership is to:

    1. Identify and develop a longlist of proposed interventions for potential funding through the Towns Fund that will 'level up' Burton across a range of criteria;
    2. Work with key stakeholders and the public to consult on the longlist of proposals in order to establish a shortlist of priorities;
    3. Develop a Town Investment Plan that identifies a vision for the regeneration of Burton and how the shortlist of priorities will achieve this.
    4. Be the decision takers on the submission of the Town Investment Plan, subject to legal and financial compliance checks by the Lead Accountable Authority.

    All members of the Town Deal Board have completed registers of interests and signed up to a Code of Conduct, which is based on the Seven Principles of Public Life.

    Each member of the Board has an equal right to input into the discussion and development of the Town Investment Plan and each will hold an equal voting right on the finalisation of the plan, prior to submission to Government, where Board member interests will also be taken into account.

    The Board is the only committee that oversee the development of the Town Investment Plan, there are no sub-committees or task groups and the Board is chaired by Ben Robinson MBE. Notwithstanding the impact of COVID-19, the Board meets on a monthly basis and at these meetings it receives reports, updates and presentations on the development of intervention proposals. These include updates from East Staffordshire Borough Council, Staffordshire Council and Cushman & Wakefield as the supporting organisations, as well as presentations from external organisations on their regeneration proposals for the town.

    Decisions made by the Town Deal Board can be made electronically, via email, and the Board must be quorate to make a decision, unless a delegation of power has been made to the Chair of the Board. Any delegated decision must follow the principles of executive decisions set out by the Council's Constitution and must be recorded by the Secretary to the Board and shared with the Board within 3 working days.

    Quorum for meetings is 8 Board members to include the Chairman and one board members each from East Staffordshire Borough Council and Staffordshire County Council.  

    Role of East Staffordshire Borough Council

    As East Staffordshire Borough Council is the Lead Accountable Authority, the Council will be one of three signatories to the Town Deal - the other two being the Government and the Chair of the Town Deal Board. As such, the Town Investment Plan will follow the Council's Governance procedures and financial regulations prior to submissiont to Government, which will include a review of the plan by the Council's S151 Officer and Monitoring Officer.

    Any work that is undertaken by the Town Deal Board will align with the Council's Constitution, including whistle-blowing, complaints, and conflicts of interest.

    Role of the Town Deal Board Chair

    As above, the Town Deal Chair is the other signatory to the Town Deal and his primary role is to co-ordinate the work of the Town Deal Board. The responsibilities of the Town Deal Board Chair include, but are not limited to:

    • Directing the work of the Town Deal Board;
    • Being the primary point of contact and spokesman for the Towns Fund work;
    • Setting the overall goals and programme of work for the Town Deal Board;
    • Facilitating the meetings of the Town Deal Board;
    • Holding a tie-breaking vote, if required.

    There is no permanent Deputy Chair of the Town Deal Board.

    The roles and responsibilities of the Town Deal Board, Lead Accountable Authority, and Town Deal Board Chair are in accordance with the published Further Guidance linked above.

    Town Boundary

    The proposed boundary for the Towns Fund is articulated by the map image at the top of this webpage, which outlines the proposed interventions. This boundary builds upon the Nomis boundary proposed by Government in order to incorporate recent and forthcoming developments as well as areas of environmental interest, such as the Washlands and riverside. The proposed boundary can be amended prior to the submission of the Town Investment Plan if there is an argument to do so, however this would be subject to approval from Government.